Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Stroll Invitation

"You reap what you sow. But there will be surprises."
~ Emilie Barnes

If you have time to stroll today, and if your weather permits, please post about about it on your blog and then come back here with a comment and a link to your post. You may use the Sunday Stroll button at the top of this post on your post or side bar if you would like. I will add participant names to this post so other strollers can walk through your garden too.

Look who's strolling:
Cloudhands at Uncarved Block
Margaret at Periodic Pearls
Green Mamma at Green Mamma Blog
Me here at the Quiet Country House
Tabbie at Tabbie's Garden


Farmer's Daughter said...

I just got my stroll posted. Happy Spring!

Everydaywoman said...

Hi, Aisling!

Is your snow gone yet?

I did get in a Sunday Stroll today. I'm searching for spring here. Please stop by


Margaret Evans Porter said...

More over here!

Cloudhands said...

Thank you for posting my stroll. We just got home from an after church Flute Play Shop to which we just had to stay and play. Here it is almost 4 o'clock and I still have nylons on. I'm going to get comfortable and then read everyones blogs.

Joyce said...

No stroll for me again, I'm afraid; it's raining cats and dogs here. I've been "out of circulation" recently with pneumonia, but hopefully can stroll next week and get back in the swing of things. My flowers seem to be about the same stage as yours- just greening up.

Aisling said...

Oh Joyce! I hope you're healing and up to the stroll next week. Being outdoors in the spring always lifts my spirit. Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hello again Aisling, I have resumed blogging and just posted my first Sunday Stroll on my new blog!

Aisling said...

Mibsy, Welcome back! I'll add you to the list and come by and see your stroll!

Tabbie said...

I posted my Saturday stroll on Sunday. Life and Nature have a unique way of conspiring against my most carefully laid plans, lol. Sunday it rained, and on Monday it snowed.

I am pleased to have found your lovely blog. Surely you must live in the far north, more likely farther north than my central Michigan location.

Aisling said...

Tabbie, I'll add you to my list of strollers! I'm so glad you have joined us, and will add you to my list from Sunday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate better next weekend!