Sunday, April 01, 2007

Remodelling a bit...

I'm going to try something new. I have created a new blog for my recipes and food related posts. You'll find it here: The Quiet Country Kitchen. So far, I've only posted some of the recipes that have previously been included here at The Quiet Country House. In the future, I will make a note on this blog that I've added a new recipe and will provide a link to that post. My hope is that the labelling feature on the right sidebar of the kitchen blog will enable readers to find recipes that interest them more quickly.


KerrdeLune said...

Aisling, this is wonderful, and I shall be dropping in frequently for tea. Love from Nokomis (Cate)

Rapunzel said...

Great idea, Aisling! I love your recipes and will enjoy being able to find them more quickly. :-)

Aisling said...

I shall look forward to your visits! And you know how I love your blog - it is like a "world apart" to me. I'll be visiting there often as well!

Thank you for the vote of confidence! I hope I am not making more work for myself! lol!

~ Aisling