Monday, July 02, 2007

Who me?

My long-time friend Grace, who has a lovely blog herself, has nominated me for a Rockin' Girl Blogger "award." I so appreciate her kind words about my blog and my friendship. Now, I have the difficult task of picking 5 nominees of my own, from among the many I read and admire. I have decided to consider some of the newer blogs which did not yet exist, or of which I was unaware, back when I made my Thinking Blogger Award nominations. All of these blogs "rock" in my opinion, but for different reasons. Many of my favorite blogs are gentle and thoughtful, rather than edgy, so the word "rock" may seem inappropriate. However, these all have impact and charm and intelligence, and so, to me, they totally rock!

Lesley, of An English Country Garden, has so much depth in her narratives about her gardens and her life in the rural England. Her posts are punctuated with her own photos of her gardens, as well as images of fine art and excerpts of well-written articles. She informs and inspires through what she chooses to include in her blog (for film buffs, her Film Diary is a must-read also.)

Catherine Mary, of ::atelier::, provides an oasis of elegant, zen-like calm in the blogging world. She uses lovely images and alternates between sparse, stream-lined prose, and lovely stream-of-consciousness insights. Reading this blog, so full contemplation and imagery, is part of my morning ritual. Like my coffee, and a barefoot walk through the gardens, I wouldn't miss it!

Robbin at Cedar Chest of Dreams is a new blogging friend. Her site is an interesting, eclectic blend of subjects: Native American wisdom and memories, intertwined with daydreams and everyday worries. The way she writes reminds me of listening in as someone "thinks out loud." She is sharing her life experience, her moments of wisdom, humor and doubt, seeming to trust that readers will find something meaningful in her words. I always do!

I've known Lizzie at
Kindred Spirits through email groups for several years and am always amazed by her gift as a storyteller. When she shares a story from her life, you are likely to find yourself chuckling or sniffling at the end; often both at the same time. Blogging has brought a more visual element to her stories, which are now accompanied by pretty images. Her ideas about decorating, crafting and human nature are lovely and insightful.

Katie, aka
Simple Katie, doesn't post quite as often as some of the bloggers whose writing I read each morning, but when she does it is just right: a glimpse of home-canned food, images from the garden, her thoughts on living simply. Even the look of the blog, recently "face-lifted", is simple, uncluttered, and just right.

In case you're curious (as I was) this all started when Roberta decided to start something! I had to track her down, reading backward through nominated blogs. I started by checking the blogger who had nominated Grace, then the one who had nominated that blogger, and so on, back to the beginning. On the way, I found some great blogs to read. I'll be back to visit some of them soon! Fun idea, Roberta!


Catherine Mary said...

Thank you for the nomination and your kind remarks about my :: atelier :: I'm looking forward to visiting the other "rockin girls" listed. I think, in my case, the nomination should read "rockin' old crone!" I must admit I like the "rockin" part and I smile when someone calls me a girl.

Aisling said...

Catherine Mary, I'm glad you are pleased! I guess I'm not really a "girl" anymore either, but I always think of my "inner child" as a 17-year-old girl with a guitar. *grin*

Lesley said...

Thank you Aisling, it's very kind of you to nominate me. What fun! How does this work? Can anyone make nominations, or is it a special privilege?

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you so much Aisling for that little surprise. Your description of my blog is perfect. Thank you for "getting" me and being able to follow my mind as it jumps from one thing to the other. Not everyone can do that you know!

Katie said...

Thank you so much, I'm honored truly.

roberta said...

Thanks, glad you liked the idea! I found some really nifty blogs along the way, yours included :D

Aisling said...

Thank you, Roberta! I'm glad you came by! :)

Aisling said...

Lesley, You get to nominate 5 yourself. I guess I should have said that in my post. lol! Grab the "rockin' girl blogger" button and add it to your post and then list your 5 nominees. :)

Katie, You are very welcome!

Robbin, I love the variety of subjects and ideas you present. I'm so glad to have found you!

Lizzie said...

How sweet of you to say such nice things about me... thank you very much. And I enjoy your blog, too!!!

No stories this past week- too busy planning to visit my folks!

Have a happy 4th my kindred friend!

Aisling said...

Lizzie, Thank you so much! Enjoy your visit with your folks!