Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Traditions: The Christmas Dolls

Last year, beginning in late November, I wrote many posts chronicling our family tradition of learning about a country each year and incorporating some aspects of their culture into our Christmas celebration. I am including below a link to each of those posts, in case any one who is interested in this tradition missed out on reading about it last year.

1995: Sweden

1996: Mexico

1997: Ireland

1998: Australia

1999: Poland

2000: Japan

2001: Kenya

2002: Peru

2003: India

2004: Greece

2005: Russia

2006: Taiwan

More on Taiwan from our daughter's letters home.

photo by Aisling, November 23, 2007

Trumpets & Sky above Macy's in downtown Chicago


Anonymous said...


I have just had a look at the Aussie doll. if you would like the music for the North Wind carol I can send it to you. It's a very pretty song.

I'll have a look at the other dolls later in the day.What a brilliant idea for your children.


Aisling said...

Kate, I would absolutely love to receive the music for the North Wind carol! Thank you so much! I thought the lyrics were so pretty and they stuck with me after we had completed our study that year.

I'm so glad you stopped by!


Nan - said...

Until I read your picture was in Chicago, I thought it looked Eastern European. I really like it.

Aisling said...

Nan, Thank you. I loved the way the trumpets looked against that crisp blue sky each time I looked up, so had to snap that photo. I like how it turned out too. :)