Saturday, January 12, 2008


The fifth graders down the hall from the classroom I was in this past week had resolutions for 2008 posted on the front of their lockers. They were all good, positive thoughts which I enjoyed reading. Here are some examples:

* Get an "A" in Social Studies.
* Stop annoying my brother.
* Play with my dog more.

The photo above shows the return of our snow. Haiku is walking in the still-falling snow as I write this, so I may have some photos to post later today or tomorrow. It is completely beautiful outdoors. Though I did not finish all of the housekeeping tasks I had planned to do, I am happy with the vanilla scented candles glowing on the piano, and the big pile of interlocking building pirces spilled on the floor which is entertaining two small boys, and the girl sprawled on the couch with a blanket on her shoulders and a pencil over her ear. It looks like home to me.

photos by Aisling, January 12, 2008 1) Snow-capped Queen Anne's Lace 2) Purple Cone Flower Stalks and the lake in the background


Nancy J. Bond said...

Your photos are lovely -- nicer still is the picture you paint of your home. :)

Prairie Star said...

Lovely photos, Aisling!

A friend tagged me about my cultural life (what am I reading, etc.). I'd like to tag you, but wanted to make sure that was ok with you before I do.

Have a lovely Sunday!
Prairie Star

Aisling said...

Nancy, Thank you kindly! :)

Prairie Star, That would be fun! Thank you for thinking of me!

~ Aisling

Prairie Star said...

Yay!! Tag, you're it!

Prairie Star

Aisling said...

Lol! I'll pop over and check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, Aisling.

Aisling said...

Thank you so much, Kate! :)