Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter Warmth

We had a family birthday to celebrate this week; Haiku, my co-photographer on this blog, celebrated her 15th birthday. In keeping with our Quiet Country House tradition, we hid her gifts around the house, rather than wrap them. This gift treasure hunt is a long-standing favorite of our children, and is earth-friendly (saves on wrapping paper!) Following a tradition my Mom started when my brothers and I were small, I hung photos of Haiku from the day of her birth and from her birthday each year on the kitchen wall. I saw that sweet baby face with the big eyes peeking out at me from the photos and thought to myself, "How did all of those years pass so quickly?"
There were flowers on the table, a birthday banner on the beam that seperates the living room from the kitchen, and a yummy, dark-chocolate-mocha, vegan birthday cake. Best of all, we were together as a family... sharing our traditions and laughing together. Life is good.

~ Aisling
photos: February 2008 1) hot-house tulips on the dinner table 2) sun outside on the snowy hills


Nancy J. Bond said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! The tulips are such a wonderful splash of color on such a grey day as we're having here. :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Sounds like you guys had a great celebration for a special girl, and quite a good photographer too! I love your traditions, thanks for sharing, I've been missing you! Hope spring makes its way to you soon!

Prairie Star said...

Hello Aisling,

The picture of the tulips are stunning! They remind me of a mama (blogger) carressing her daughter on her birthday! Also enjoyed reading about your bithday rituals. Eat a piece of cake for me?


Aisling said...

Nancy, I love the color of the tulips too. By the end of winter, I am just starved for color!

Robbin, I've been missing you too. I'm managing to stay caught up on reading your blog, but haven't had much extra time to comment. Will remedy that soon. Thanks for your kind wishes!

Prairie Star, Thank you for coming by and reading about our family moments. Your comments always make me smile. Love the "Twinkles!" How can you not grin reading that?! :)