Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Give Away

Still working on my seed order post... but in the meantime, will host a small book giveaway.  Just to keep this simple, will give away a book to the first three who comment and tell me a little bit about their own vegetable gardening experience.  I will send the books out within the next week or two, and just ask that if you are a winner, after you have read the book, will you please post a review to Amazon and/or your own blog?  

I will post the names of the winners later this week and have you email me privately with mailing details.

Thank you to those who participate!


magnoliasntea said...

Oh, lovely giveaway, Marcie!
I've been gardening in our clay soil for many years. I've learned to amend, amend and amend the soil we have here as much as possible. My best gardening seasons have been after heavy applications of organic material, mostly manure from the barn. I enjoy growing tomatoes, cucumber (for pickles) and corn more than any other vegetables.
Have a great week!

Marcie said...

Toni! Thank you for playing along. You are the first to post a comment, so a book will be on the way to you soon! My email addy is: letters2aisling@gmail.com Let me know where to send the book and full name. Will look forward to your feedback. I wrote from my northern garden, but am hoping most of it is universal. We have to amend, amend, amend also! :)

Out on the prairie said...

I have been gardening all my life. I was raised with it, and had my first commercial garden when I was nine.That was 54 years ago, I went door to door and sold everything for a nickel.I have worked prairie restoration and reclamation for over 2 decades, and surprise people when they find I like to grow non-native species like zinnas. I am planning 1/4 acre for this year with my daughters.My undergrad endorsement is centered around botany.

Marcie said...

Steve, Thank you for the comment. I will have a book on its way to you soon, if you email me with full name, address, etc. My email addy is Letters2aisling@gmail.com

My bachelor's degree is in social studies with a minor in elementary education, so gardening is my sideline. ;) You are WAY more of an expert than me, so I look forward to your comments on the book. I hope you will blog a bit about your 1/4 garden with your daughters. That would really interest me... and others as well, I believe.

Pom Pom said...

Hi M! Yay for your good book! It's time to think about gardens, isn't it?

Marcie said...

Pom Pom,

One will be on its way to you soon. Can you email me your addy at my letters2aisling@gmail. addy. Yippee! And, yes, absolutely time to think about gardens!