Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stroll Through My Day With Me

The skies this morning changed from blue
to gray

and back again in the two hours that I waited for the flea market to open.
The first few costumers were talking about a double rainbow
they saw over the lake on their way in.

I set out some baskets of produce
and chatted with my friend and flea market partner
all through the morning and early afternoon.

When I got back home, 
I had to hurry into the garden to tend to chores.

Feeding time:

Quick garden tour:
 Uh oh!  
Invasion on the wild milkweed 
that I left in place for the monarchs.

Uh oh again!  I picked a wheel barrow full of tomatoes,
but we are not the only ones on the farm who enjoy them!

The golden rod is a comfort in these busy days.
It's rich hues hint of summer's end and autumn's approach.
The whirlwind of harvest and preservation will ease
and before we know it, 
we will be tucking the garden in for the winter.

For now, 
I will enjoy the skies, 
and the blooms, 
and the events 
of late summer days.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you joy.


Out on the prairie said...

Worked some of the last tomatoes over last night, they are getting thin. I am amazed you have a market on Sunday, everything is closed around here.It might be a better day for one we go to on Saturday morning.Saturday is a day most want to go to run errands.

Nan said...

Those are truly gross bugs on the milkweed! We didn't see any monarchs this year, though there were other butterflies around.

Diane AZ said...

Is that a slug eating the tomato? I've never seen any snails or slugs here in the desert. The insects on the milkweed are fascinating as well. :)

Marcie said...

Steve, I love the interaction with the Sunday shoppers. It was very quiet there this week. I think some folks thought Labor Day weekend would be the last for the year.

Nan, Those little fellows are one of the nymph instars of the Large Milkweed Bug. They are probably doing some damage, but we have a pretty healthy amount of milkweed here. We saw a few monarchs this year, but I always remember the dozens we would see at a time as children. Sometimes there was a cloud of monarch butterflies, and it was a magical thing.

Diane, That is indeed a slug. It is called a leopard slug. Supposedly they get up to 4 inches long, but I have seen them stretched out to 6 or 8 inches! It must be our healthy soil and abundant vegetation! ;) Ah well, I think there is enough to go around!

Sandra Cox said...

What a beautiful little bunny.
The goldenrods take me back to my childhood in southern IL.
And those worms have been the bane of my daughter's tomatoes:)

Marcie said...

That little bunny is Merlin, the lop-eared wizard. He's a cutie, for sure!

Goldenrod are a reminder of childhood for me too!

And oh! The worms. Ugh.

SlimExpectations said...

Lovely photos! I need to do a post like this!

Marcie said...

Slim, Nice to meet you! Please join us! I try to post a stroll invitation each Sunday and will link to those who comment that they have strolled too! :)

Sandra Cox said...

Merlin. What a perfect name for bunny.
That first pic of veggies looks luscious. Yum.
Have a good one, Marcie.

Marcie said...

Thanks, Sandra! You too. :)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Love reading this post
and lucky you with all the fresh produce.
Love your bunny...