Sunday, October 30, 2016

YOU are invited

Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, 
a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind. 
Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility. 

-Gary Snyder

If you have time this week for a Sunday Stroll, please post about about it on your blog and then come back here with a comment and a link to your post. You may use the Sunday Stroll button at the top of this post on your post or side bar if you would like. I will add participant names to this post so other strollers can walk through your garden too. I'll check back often and try to keep the list updated.

Always the first to stroll, Steve has his post up already.  From the first photo to the last, this post celebrates the beauty of Autumn Out on the Prairie.

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Sandra said...

What a nice idea! I shall look forward to seeing some walks in different parts!

Out on the prairie said...

I so enjoy my walks by myself, it allows one to look into their soul.