Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dear Quiet Country Reader,

I wrote a nice blog entry about our family dog yesterday and how much she enjoys the great outdoors, but.... Blogger ate my post! I'll try to write on that subject again soon, but you know how it is: You can never word it as well as you did the first time!

I'll be back on to post later today if I get my homework completed. Did I tell you all I'm a college student.... again? It is going to be interesting to juggle my mom-jobs and school, but I started with just one course. Wish me luck!

More later!

~ Aisling


Nan said...

I do wish you luck! What course are you taking? Is it an online class or must you travel?

Looking forward to reading about your dog. :<)

Aisling said...

Nan, My class is an introductary business course. I am working on pulling my degree together, using my original college credits from "way back when" and adding what I need to round out a degree. I am taking this course on line from a local college, but will have to travel for some of my later courses.

I'm going to save the post about my dog for another day. I'm looking for a special photo of her. That day I lost the post, I tried to "save as draft" while I looked for the photo and then I got a blogger error and lost everything I had written! I haven't looked again for the photo yet. I loved reading about your dogs on your blog!