Friday, January 19, 2007

The Winter Garden...

I love this passage from one of my favorite gardening books, Hollyhock Days by Sharon Lovejoy:

"In my gardens I always try to remember the birds with saucers of water and giant bouquets of wheat, corn, millet, and sorghum. I tie them to posts and bird feeders. They look beautiful in the bare winter garden, and they are a true treat for the birds."

In upcoming months, I will be sharing some other information from this lovely book, which contains my favorite nomenclature for the full moons. I missed posting about the January Moon, which is called The Snow Moon according to the information Sharon Lovejoy shares from the September 1925 edition of "Everygirls: The Magazine of the Camp Fire Girls."

You can learn more about this book, and Sunflower Houses, and the other wonderful gardening books from this author here:

A little bit of trivia: The Winter Garden is the name of a book I wrote and submitted to a publisher several years ago. Alas, my little coming of age story was (very kindly) rejected. I guess I will always feel a bit wistful when I hear the phrase "the winter garden."

photo by Aisling, January 2007 - before the snow


Senryu said...

*le sigh*

Kaa-san, you're supposed to keep trying with those publishing people! How will you feel if I beat you to it!? I have about 140 pages to go on my novel (and then editing, of course) and then I'm finished and I'll be looking for someone crazy enough to read it! One rejection letter should never be enough to get you to stop trying! Grr! lol.

Also, that is a gorgeous photo. The slates look like they're shining, and it makes me feel like it's a path from Somewhere Else, you know? Like, if you walk on it, the end isn't going to end where you think it will. It'll take you Elsewhere. ^^

Much love, always,

Aisling said...

Senryu, You're right... If you believe in your story, you should keep trying to submit it. I think I was ready to move on to something else. My first was written for such a narrow market, there wasn't anywhere else to go wtihout totally reworking it. I do have another written though that I should be sending "around." Note to self: Send out that MS!

I hope the path to Somewhere Else leads to Summer! *grin* Thank you for the thoughtful comments!

hugs, Kaa-san

Aisling said...

PS: Senryu, If you beat me to being published, there will be no happier person on Earth!