Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Stroll - Beneath the Snow

It is nearly 40 degrees Farenheit here today. A quick erratic breeze is teasing the stalks of last year's growth. The snow still covers our fields, but little patches of earth are showing now. New growth is beginning... bits of tender color peek out of the snow. For the first time in weeks, I grabbed my camera and took my Sunday Stroll.

Here is a link to a page which shows all of my Sunday Stroll posts from 2007:
Aisling's Sunday Stroll
photos byAisling, March 2, 2008 1) Flower pots I forgot to bring in for the winter. 2) Moss at the base of the Chinese Elm in the Butterfly Garden 3) Cone on a White Pine 4) Heuchera, or Coral Bells, cultivar Stormy Seas (I think) 5) Old Garden Bench & Honey Crisp Apple Tree


Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh, that last photo! Beautiful. Starkly beautiful. It's good to see your posts again!

Aisling said...

Nancy, Thank you. It's good to be posting! :)

Nan - said...

What is behind the bench? Is that water or a field? Boy, do I like that picture!

Aisling said...

Nan, Behind the tree, is the road, then a slight rise, and a long gradual slope of farm field down to a pond. However, what you see in the photo is mostly the little rise, a bit of the field, and the cloudy sky.

Thanks, I like this photo too. :)