Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early Evening

I think the January Thaw finally found us, here in the second week of February. It isn't Sunday, but I thought I would share a few photos that I took as I wandered around my fields and gardens. The creek, which I named "The Sometimes Brook" in honor of its habit of being sometimes there, and sometimes not, is flowing rapidly today... under and over ice, in and around little dams made of snow.

I think these tiny shoots (Yes! I have things sprouting here!) are Red Impression Tulips. The front yard is flowing nearly as well as the creek!
I wasn't the only one out in the early evening hours, enjoying the colorful skies and the crisp-fresh air.

The south end of the butterfly garden is still snow-covered, but in the north end, sprouts are pushing through the earth. The first photo is a little wild iris that is often the first thing to bloom in my garden in the spring, proceeding the crocus blooms whose shoots make their appearance in the second photo.

What else is going on beneath the cold soil and a thick layer of spent leaves? Much more than meets the eye, I'm sure! By the way... did you know that lemon thyme smells even fresher and sweeter in February than it does in June?

The lingering snow clearly states that winter is still here, but the air hints at spring, and and the fields are filled with reminders of other seasons.

Though we lost many inches of snow today, snow is in the forecast for later in the week. Before that happens, I'm going to enjoy the remainder of this beautiful, balmy night. Well, not balmy really, but everything is relative! Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you find something beautiful to lift your spirits.

all photos by Aisling, February 10, 2009


linda said...

so beautiful...thank you ;)

Aisling said...


Thank you! The sky added so much lovely color to my day; I had to share! :)

Everydaywoman said...

What lovely shots! I especially LOVE the sunset, the "Sometimes Brook," the deer, the signs of spring, everything! Thanks for sharing on a day other than Sunday!

Aisling said...


It was too good of a day to pass up! Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you enjoyed it.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Wonderful, and so very serene.

Aisling said...


Thank you so much!