Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Stroll - Each Leaf a Miracle

It is an almost perfect day here... Light wind, blue skies, and plenty of sunshine cascading through the garden. As if in celebration of this gorgeous day, my first iris opened today. It is a stately lavender-blue blossom, of an unknown cultivar, given to me by a friend from his own garden.

This week I planted annuals, to fill in some empty spaces between my perennials and to add instant color to a predominately green garden. I got rich "burgundy" wave-petunias for the front garden beds on Friday. Yesterday morning, my sons helped me pick out pansies (an annual event for them) and snapdragons. They were unenthusiastic about the trip to the nursery as we headed out, but they were a joy to watch as they trotted up and down a very long row of pansies exclaiming things such as "I found the prettiest one!" and then a minute later regarding a different pansy, "This is the most beautiful pansy ever!"

I have been meaning to add primrose to my garden for several years now and finally bought one this past week. Each blossom opens up a soft buttery yellow, and then sunlight seems to paint it's petals with rose-colored patterns over the course of several days.

Last fall, Limerick tilled a new section of garden for me. A week or two ago, I added a trail of log-rounds and have been working the soil by hand to prepare for planting. I plan to sow seeds, some Cosmos for one thing, but also to use the new space as my older perennials need dividing.

I haven't caught a glimpse of it yet, but there is a bird that sings from the trees on the hill while I work in the garden. His song sounds like "Pretty, pretty, pretty!" and when I hear, I can't help but sing along.

photos by Aisling, May 24, 2009 1) first acquilegia to bloom (self-sown; cultivar unknown) 2) lavender-blue iris, a gift from a friend 3) single marigold 4) two marigolds 5) pot of red and orange pansies 6) burgundy wave petunias 7) bicolor pacific giant primrose 8) a small bit of the new section of the garden, where it adjoins the old section 9) a wistful gargoyle 10) a sign that Senryu made for the snapdragon corner in the new part of the garden 11) a mischievous gargoyle under the snapdragons


One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful stroll. I love the path that was made for you. It will be beautiful. Can't help but mention that I have a pink Primrose. I wanted it so. Brought a clump from my other home. It is taking over my little city garden.
I am weeding like crazy. I think I will take a clump and put in the woods surrounding my country home.
Maybe it will cover the woods. lol

Farmer's Daughter said...

That primrose is just gorgeous! Perhaps I'll have to plant some myself.

Aisling said...


A primrose filled woods would be gorgeous, wouldn't it?

I was glad to have Limerick man the chain saw to make those log-rounds. I have done the hard work of "digging them in" myself though and then the fun part will be filling the spaces between them with creeping ground covers.

Thank you for the nice comment!

Aisling said...


I think of primrose as a really early bloomer, so I will be curious to see when this one blooms next year after the winter. I think I'll buy another one next year if this one survives our cold and snow.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Oh, the colours!

Your bench by the tree looks delightful.

It's always fun starting a new section of garden, and I like your path of log rounds. Using materials provided by Nature is so appropriate to country gardens, I think.

Aisling said...


That old bench is pretty wobbly, but if you settle in carefully, it works well! There is a cat asleep on it in the photo, but he is gray and blends in with the weathered wood.

I like the log-rounds too, though I am very, very fond of my original slate trail. Those slates were stacked on the property of our first home and we brought them with us when we moved here. I have used them all, however, and am happy to use what is at hand. We heat with wood (primarily) and so logs are in good supply here!

Thank you for visiting and the nice comments!

Cloudhands said...

Over the years your garden has grown so beautifully. It looks comfortable. A good place to just be. I know you have to cultivate and manage, but just sitting and absorbing has to have it's time as well.

Aisling said...

It is a pretty serene place and easy to be comfortable there. I try to balance the enjoyment of being there with the endeavor of expanding and tending it. Slowly but surely, it evolves and changes and matures... and hopefully in the process, I do as well.

Thank you for visiting! I'm off to add you to the strolling list for today and then to go see what's blooming in the mountains!

Tabbie said...

The primrose is beautiful. I am hoping to put up a large hanging basket of big old fashioned petunias outside my front door this year. I love that sticky sweet fragrance.

Aisling said...

Tabbie, They are pretty in a hanging basket. You know what, I need to go outside and smell mine because I can't remember these being particularaly fragrant when I planted them the other day. lol!