Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Just in time for Mother's Day, the decendents of last year's Mother's Day pansies opened their sweet faces in the front garden. I will probably wait a week or two, for a really beautiful day, then take my sons to help me pick out flats of colorful pansies and petunias to fill in some of the empty spaces in our gardens.

Clouds and brisk winds propelled me along my walk rather quickly. As I walked, I zipped my winter coat, as if in agreement with the tulips that remained tightly closed this morning to brace themselves from the chilly air.

Our flowering thundercloud plum is blooming now, and the peach and pears are in bud. Leaves are unfurling; delicate blossoms will follow any day now.

I will leave you with a few blossoms that are open, fresh, and new. Wherever you are, however you are spending this day, I wish you joy.

photos by Aisling, May 10, 2009: 1) white and purple pansies 2)daydream tulip in apricot phase 3) thundercloud plum blossom 4) bleeding heart 5) double cheerfulness daffodil 6) "pink" daffodil


Farmer's Daughter said...

I love the plum blossom, it's color is just beautiful.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Our gardens are very much at the same stage...only your bleeding hearts are more advanced than mine, only my fringed bleeding hearts are fully flowering.

Lovely pictures.

Green Mamma said...

Beautiful photos Aisling. Happy Mother's Day!

And you know, with this only being my 2nd year gardening, I am surprised at how much pansies and petunias steal the show in my garden. They've been around for weeks and weeks now and they just keep on being beautiful.

I know I ramble, but this gardening thing is just so much fun, :-)

Cloudhands said...

I love the names of your flowers and that you remember what they are. Thundercloud plum, double cheerfulness daffodil, daydream tulip, oh my how charming.

Aisling said...

Green Mamma, Those humble flowers are scene stealers, aren't they? Ramble on about gardening all you want. You are in the right company for that!

I have to admit that at least a couple of times the name may have affected my decision on which cultivar to purchase! *grin* A walk through the garden, as I consider what is blooming, reads like poetry to me!

Jena said...

The tulip is my favorite. What a wonderful color!

Joyce said...

You have so many things blooming! I seem to be between blooms right now- daffodils and lilac done, everything else budded but not blooming. Your bleeding heart are beautiful!

Aisling said...

Jena, That tulip is an amazing color-changing tulip. It begins as a soft yellow, morphs to apricot and melon, and then becomes vividly, vibrantly orange like a koi. I just love it! It is called Daydream.

Joyce, Do you have tulips? Those are coming into their glory as some varieties of daffodils fade. But, luckily, I also have some later blooming daffodils. We won't have lilacs for several weeks. That bleeding heart is just a tiny little plant, but the few blossoms on it are wonderful!

Everydaywoman said...

Happy Mother's Day, Aisling! Lovely photos of your lovely gardens!

Tabbie said...

The Thundercloud Plum blossoms are nicely fragrant of my favorites! I hope your Sunday was filled with peace and beauty.

Aisling said...


Thank you and a (now belated) Happy Mother's Day to you too!


Thank you for the reminder to smell the fragrance of those blossoms. It has bloomed pretty sparingly this year, so I'll have to lean in close for that pretty scent!

Commonweeder said...

We declined a stroll, too rainy, cold and windy, but none of it is hurting the garden any, which looks much as yours does. Beautiful.

Aisling said...


Thank you and welcome! I'm off too see if you have a blog so I can return the visit. The rain is always welcome here, even when it disturbs my blogging plans! *grin* We are having a dry spring. Yesterday we drove past a farm where the tractor was throwing up great clouds of dust.

Blessed With Four said...


I have to agree with Farmer's Daughter, the plum blossom is sooooo pretty - wish I could see one in real life but oh well, your picture sure shows just how beautiful a plum blossom is. Thanks for sharing your Sunday Stroll - even on Wednesday a Sunday stroll is nice LOL

BlessedwithFour :o)

Aisling said...


Oh yes, a Sunday Stroll is good any day of the week! We're having a gloomy, windy day and it is nice for me to look at my own photos from Sunday. The flowers are dancing in the wind today - pretty, but hard to photograph!