Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Muse - Melody

Another "free on itunes" song has captured my interest. This past week, I downloaded (free as an introduction to this artist) the song Melody by Kate Earl. It is not a song I would have picked for myself, in all likelihood, but I like it's free and easy, slightly quirky, sound, and its positive message. In the song, the singer finds comfort and balance through music:

"& i find that im never alone
& i find that my heart is my home

& the music within makes me whole

a world that i built on my own

& i know that im never alone
& i know that my heart is my home

every missing piece of me
i can find in a melody."

Listen and watch here. An acoustic alternative, just Kate at her piano, can be found here.


Galaxy6139 said...

Thanks for your melody, it's nice ^^

Cloudhands said...

I love it when I understand all the words. The idea that we can live our music and the music gives us our life was sweet to me. I liked the video and the voice. All in all very pleasant. Thanks for sharing. I tend to get stuck in the golden oldies.

Aisling said...

You're welcome. I think a lot of people get stuck in the music of their youth, or early adult years. I still like those songs, but never want to close myself off to new songs and new artists. One of my secrets to staying young. *grin*