Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Stroll - To the Birch Wood

On my walk to the birch wood, I passed these pumpkins culled from the vegetable garden by my husband, after frost had killed the vines. To the east edge of our property, a stand of large white pines makes a patch of dark green, and the birches glow orange and gold.

In the low-lying marsh, I walked beneath this little nest... empty now and quiet.

The woods were quiet too, the late afternoon hush within the woods as mellow as the rich color of the leaves overhead. Brown leaves were falling as the wind ran through, while golden leaves clung to their branches making pretty artwork against the birch-paper walls of the little wood.

As if peering through a window, I could see the lake from inside the wood.

I could see the sky changing, as wind stirred the clouds above the treetops.

I left the woods, as I always do, feeling a little more at peace. I stood between the white pines and the birches and appreciated the view of the little lake to the southwest before returning to the cozy house where a fire in the woodstove offset the late October chill.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you peace and comfort.
all photos by Aisling, October 25, 2009
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Cloudhands said...

I do believe that birch trees are my favorite tree. The White Birch has always suited me. I suspect the cup and saucer which featured the birch that Mother had when I was a kid was something of a talisman for me. She gave it to aunt Sarah and I don't know where it is now. I also enjoyed the pink sky and the glimpse of the lake. So peaceful.

Aisling said...

That sky was really pretty gray most of the day, so a little soft color is very welcome.

I'm not sure I can name a favorite tree, but the birches are very pretty. I'm partial to weeping willows too, but ours is crowded by a lot of "swamp trees" and hard to get a good photo of.

I don't remember the birch cup and saucer. Did I ever see it?

Farmer's Daughter said...

I've always loved green pumpkins, and those birch trees are beautiful!

Aisling said...

I think the green pumpkins are awfully cute! We only had a few fully ripen this year, so our jack-o-lanterns all have some bit of green on them.

Thanks! I'm loving the birch trees right now!

linda said...

what a lovely and refreshing [hot here!] post, aisling...thank you for such lovely imagery in both words and pictures.

I strolled last night with every intention of posting, which I did but it's practically bedtime on the east coast by the time I get it up! ah well, there's always next week perhaps...maybe we will reference todays for next time ;)

I also love your new header!

The Mom said...

I love birch trees as well. We don't have many around here anymore. When I do see one, its very special.

Cloudhands said...

Mother always displayed the Birch cup,saucer and salad plate with her collection of cups and saucers, so you probably saw is subliminally if nothing else. I was always drawn to it as it reminded me of vacations up north.

Aisling said...

Linda, I'll try to remember to add you to next week's post just as I put up the invitation. It was a beautiful sunset stroll... I saw it but haven't commented yet.

Thank you for your friendly comments on my post. I wish we could share a walk in real time... whether the day was cool or warm.

Thank you for noticing my new header. I used a "watercolor" photo editing technique, and thought it made the roofline and my eastern view look like a little glimpse of a storybook, especially with a rainbow in the sky. :)

Aisling said...

Heather, We have a lot of birch in our region. I love the really old ones, with all their paper peeling and flapping in the breeze. :)

Mom/Cloudhands, Well, I can draw up an picture in my mind of the cup and saucer, but I don't know it that is a hidden memory or just my imagination. lol! Either way, it sounds pretty and must make a nice memory, particularly since it reminded you of your trips north.

Jessica said...

Lovely. I especially love the photo of the bird's nest.

Aisling said...

Thanks, Jessica! I had to hold the camera up over my head to get that. If I were a just a little taller, maybe we could see inside! :)

Thanks for coming by!

Margaret Evans Porter said...

The birch tree trunks are gorgeous, truly magical. We treasure ours. The ones at the lake cottage are larger and older than the ones here, which date back to whenever our house lot was cleared.
And the bird's nest is so sweet.

Aisling said...


The birch trees are stunning in all seasons, I think. We don't have any really large ones right here, but down in the woods near the lake (not our property) I think there are some.

Thanks for the nice comments and the visit! :)