Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dandelion Wine

After two hours clipping yellow petals beneath a serene blue sky, 
we have enough dandelion for a small batch of Dandelion Wine. 
A little summer in a bottle!

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you this much color and light!


magnoliasntea said...

Interesting, and what a lot of dandelion blooms you have! That reminds me... Have you heard that there is a movement in some forums to shame those of us who forage for dandelions? Yep, they claim we are stealing food from the bees. Seems it's okay to poison the yard to get rid of them, but heaven forbid anyone using them for food or drink.
Have a great day, anyway! ;)

Marcie said...

I didn't know anyone was mad at foragers about dandelions! *sigh* I am a HUGE honeybee promoter. I plant several things for their benefit only. But, believe me when I tell you that there are plenty of dandelions to go around! They can still dine to their hearts content.

I wish people would RELAX, don't you?! Although, I'm definitely not a fan of poisoning them (bees or dandelions!)

magnoliasntea said...

I do wish people would just chill out. Internet is great in some respects, but it's a ready made platform for the senseless, meddlesome types. Lol

Out on the prairie said...

Looks like a lot of work, but sweet returns.

Tabor said...

Never had this. Wondering what it tastes like?

Marcie said...

Toni, I totally agree!

Steve, It was a lot of work, but it was nice to sit outside on a beautiful day with something productive to accomplish. And later on, as you say, sweet returns!

Tabor, I never have either though I have always heard of it. A few people I know have had it and say it is really good. I will tell you that I tasted the dandelion syrup before adding the wine additives and it was delicious! I could see making a natural soda from the syrup by just adding club soda or something. So, I'm optimistic about the wine. Now I have to be patient, because it is a one year process!

elaine said...

Have you ever read the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury - it is a memoir of his early years. His grandfather used to plant dandelions specifically for making wine - he regarded them as a crop.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

oh my
you amaze :)

Marcie said...

Elaine, I have read that book. I remember that about the dandelions. I always think there are two types of people: Those who want to eradicate the dandelions and those who celebrate them. Guess which camp I am in?! lol

Ernestine, Thank you! :)