Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Stroll - Gathering at a Friend's Homestead

We spent a lovely afternoon at a friend's little homestead nearby.

Free range chickens, pensive goats, lazy dogs, and happy, chatty people 
shared a sunny afternoon celebrating our friend's 80th birthday.
Her birthday is in the winter, but she wanted to enjoy a summer celebration for a change.

She is a friend with whom I have shared some fun and memorable road trips.
Some were close to home, such as the trip a few years ago to an
Iris Farm an hour away.  We went when the iris were in full bloom,
and each bought just one variety.
We have also been known to dig up and divide our perennial plants and share, 
so many things in my home garden had their start in her's.

Some of our road trips were to far away places,
such as our trip to Pennsylvania 
through the Blue Ridge Mountains two years ago in autumn.

It is always fun to visit this friend's home,
but is especially wonderful when the flowers are in bloom.
She is knowledgeable about the cultivars she grows,
and shares her folk lore and common sense wisdom generously,
about flowers and about life.

This friend has been present at many of my local
speaking engagements, even bringing along new listeners
in support of my endeavors.

What a beautiful afternoon!
Aside from a brazen chicken stealing 
someone's half-eaten sandwich, 
there wasn't any undue drama at this event.

We listened to the chickadees chatter,
and laughed and reminisced 
about silly old songs from the 1970s,
such as Sneaky Snake and The Streak.
Oh my goodness!  Hadn't thought of that in years.

We also broke into Bobby McGee several times,
because the word Freedom crept into the conversation at one point.

Feelin' good is good enough for me!

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you good company.

If you have time to pop on over to Steve's Out on the Prairie Blog,
you can catch a little bit of Prairie Love!

Anyone else stroll today?


Pom Pom said...

Hi Marcie!
Oh, your friend-visit sounds just perfect! Rich.
I planted today, so I strolled around our own patch.
Have a sunny, growing kind of week, friend!

Out on the prairie said...

a fun way to spend the afternoon, I like to share pants and compare how they do.

Jan said...

Congratulations on your friends 80th birthday!
I was born in August and I can understand your friend wanting to have her birthday on a warm day outside.
Wonderful photos! I enjoyed them all 💮

Nan said...

What a lovely visit and a wonderful friend.

Birgit said...

What a lovely way to celebrate her birthday year! One doesn't need to celebrate on that day, she is right about that. It's always nice to remember days gone by and music that made you feel good. Love the pics!

Lowcarb team member said...

It's always so nice to get together with a good friend.
The weather looks lovely and your photo's are nice to see.

We have experienced a cold, wet and windy day in my part of the UK today, I'm hoping the sunshine returns soon.

All the best Jan

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Loved your sharing
and how lucky to have this friend.
Continue to enjoy these times together...

Magic Love Crow said...

Truly a beautiful afternoon! Happy 80th to your friend! Big Hugs!

Cat Lover said...

What a lovely place for a walk. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Cox said...

What a perfectly lovely day. And what a great idea to celebrate an 80th in the summer.
Love Irises and Janice Joplin:)
My Irises moved with me from IN to IL to NC but didn't get moved to this house:( I plan to rectify that though.
YOU have a great Sunday.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

wish I lived near :)