Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Stroll - Flower Garden Tour

On a cloudy day in late July,
the flowers in the garden glow.
Wild yellow snap dragons
 transplanted from 
the weedy edges of the garden,

and Purple Cone flower bloom in profusion
in the Corner Herb Garden.

Mexican Tarragon is a golden blaze,
in an old copper pot with pink vinca
and blue-leaved eucalyptus.

In the new kitchen garden,
Pink Wave petunias blush
in front of a border of Thai and Italian Basil.

Marigolds add spicy color on the east end
of the border, 

while Blue Borage and Spiky Anise Hyssop
wave a friendly welcome
 to every passing pollinator
down on the western end.

Up in the vegetable garden enclosure,
a new bed of herbs and cutting flowers
is bursting into bloom.

Dill, Cilantro and Parsley
are lush and green,

amid Coreopsis,

and Cosmos
 in several shades of pink.

After touring the flower gardens,
my canine companion and I wander further afield.

We walk toward the storm clouds
at the end of the field.

we walk
 deep into the meadow
that offers both 

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you peace.

If you would like to follow Steve around the Walnut Woods, head on over to Out on the Prairie.


Out on the prairie said...

Lovely blooms, just getting ready to post. I picked a few tomato worms off today.

Jan said...

Gorgeous photos Marcie! Thank you for sharing your walk with us~

Marcie said...

Steve, Thank you for coming by and for sharing your stroll too. Ugh! Tomato worms. Haven't found any yet this year, but perhaps I ought to go take a closer look!

Jan, Thank you! Happy to share! Feel free to stroll along anytime and post it to your blog. I will add a link so my readers will find you!

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely walk I've had ...
Many thanks for your lovely photographs.

All the best Jan

Saikat Roy Chowdhury said...

All the flowers are so beautiful..!!
Thanks for sharing..

Mildred said...

Visiting from Steve's blog. Thank you for the garden tour! You have some of my favorite blooms and I know the herbs smell so fragrant.

Marcie said...

Saikat, Thank you for your visit! I loved the travel photos on your blog.

Marcie said...

Mildred, Thank you for hopping on over from Steve's! Yes, the herbs are so fragrant, especially with a hint of rain in the air. The whole garden smells so fresh and delicious!

Blogoratti said...

Wonderful thoughts indeed, and lovely flower photos.

Marcie said...

Blogoratti, Thank you! I appreciate your visit very much!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Beautiful, so much in my flower garden did not do well this year :(
Pleased that I am feeling better. A gift to me - hope it last a while.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lot of lovely bright flowers!

Sandra Cox said...

Beautiful. I could look at flowers all day.

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful my friend, truly beautiful! Big Hugs!