Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lyrical Names…

In a blog-tradition (or is blogging too new to have traditions?) that a good friend told me about, I am going to re-christen my family with nicknames, so that I may tell stories about them in my writing without “giving too much away.” Just for the fun of it, all of our new names will come from the lexicon of poetry.

My oldest daughter will be Senryu, the Japanese term for an “haiku with an attitude.” This form of poetry is usually about human nature with a satirical twist, much like my daughter’s prose, or her witty commentaries. My second daughter will be Haiku. A haiku is often considered a snapshot of a tiny moment, and since she is an observer, a photographer and a nature lover it is particularly appropriate.

My usually humorous oldest son will be Sijo, after the usually humorous Korean version of the haiku. My second son will be Tanka, after the flexible, variable Japanese poetry form which often includes an element of the unexpected.

My dear hubby, bless his half-Irish soul, will be Limerick. For myself, I will use the name Aisling, from the Irish term for a dream, or vision, poem. There are my dreams… and then there is real life. Every once in a while the two cross paths, and those are the times I like to write about.
photo by Haiku, Oct. 9, 2006


Anonymous said...

Oh, Aisling, I love your idea! What beautiful names to go with your beautiful family members. :-)

Aisling said...

The idea was inspired by K.'s mention of the blogger who uses food names. I thought poetry terms suited my family and what I like to write about. Thanks for the really nice comment! :)

""Senryu" said...


Much love of the nickname "Senryu." Arigatou and xie xie! Don't know thank you in Korean, or I'd use that, and the Gaelic I've found for "thanks" is really long, and I don't have it memorized. Yet. ^^

Aisling said...


You're welcome. It was wonderful to name you the first time, and great fun to name you again now that I know your gifts! :)

~ Aisling