Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter Warmth

We had a family birthday to celebrate this week; Haiku, my co-photographer on this blog, celebrated her 15th birthday. In keeping with our Quiet Country House tradition, we hid her gifts around the house, rather than wrap them. This gift treasure hunt is a long-standing favorite of our children, and is earth-friendly (saves on wrapping paper!) Following a tradition my Mom started when my brothers and I were small, I hung photos of Haiku from the day of her birth and from her birthday each year on the kitchen wall. I saw that sweet baby face with the big eyes peeking out at me from the photos and thought to myself, "How did all of those years pass so quickly?"
There were flowers on the table, a birthday banner on the beam that seperates the living room from the kitchen, and a yummy, dark-chocolate-mocha, vegan birthday cake. Best of all, we were together as a family... sharing our traditions and laughing together. Life is good.

~ Aisling
photos: February 2008 1) hot-house tulips on the dinner table 2) sun outside on the snowy hills

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quieter Than Usual...

I've hardly posted this month. There has been plenty to write about, but very little time. I will try to play "catch up" over the next couple of weeks, if life allows! In the meantime, I have very exciting news! Despite the continuing deep freeze we find ourselves in here in the hilly northland, I have tulip tips emerging from a little patch of bare earth along the front deck of the house! Told you it was exciting! *grin*

~ Aisling

February 2008 photos by Aisling, 1) Sijo and Tanka sledding on the 18th 2) tulips looking for Spring on the 25th

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Snippet...

from Thursday afternoon in the Quiet Country House.

Me: Let's sit in the sunshine and read Dr. Seuss.
5-year-old Tanka, with a great big smile: Thanks, Mom!
photos by Aisling, February 7, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Warp and Weft of Winter

We finally have some brilliant sunshine coming in through the windows, making this a good morning to snap a few photos. Here are some textural images from inside the Quiet Country House.

The air outside is crisp and very, very cold, but sunlight is glinting off the sparkling white snow. If eight-year-old Sijo wasn't borrowing my boots (his have sprung leaks!), I would probably have outdoor images to share with you.

photos by Aisling, February 7, 2008
1) A quilt my Mom made in front of the southern windows in the livingroom 2)glitter pinecones Tanka made with his babysitter 3) a winter scene Haiku painted years ago 4) the laundry room window 5) a candle holder suspended in the master bedroom