Saturday, May 05, 2007

Echo and Narcissus...

"Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph, that liv'st unseen
Within thy aery shell
By slow Meander's margent green.
And in the violet-embroidered vale,
Where the love-lorn nightingale
Nightly to thee her sad song mourneth well;
Canst thou not tell me of a gentle pair
That likes thy Narcissus are?
Oh, if thou have
Hid them in some flowery cave,
Tell me but where,
Sweet queen of parly, daughter of the sphere,
So may'st thou be translated to the skies,
And give resounding grace to all heaven's harmonies."

This lovely poetry is from Milton's Lady's Song in Comus. We have named the elegant lady spider in Haiku's photograph (above, look closely!) Echo, for she has fallen in love with the Narcissus in our garden. This spider is most likely the descendant of Angelique, who lived many years ago in this same garden within the sweet pink cup of an Angelique tulip. She is a fascinating spider called Misumena vatia, or more commonly, the Goldenrod Spider. She has the ability to change her coloring slightly to match her host flower, wherein she sits in wait for a nectar gathering insect. She is probably the only species of spider that Haiku would approach for a close-up.

photographs by Haiku, May 4, 2007 1) Misumena vatia (goldenrod spider) on Poet's Narcissus 2) Color-changing Day Dream Tulips in yellow phase (nothing to do with the story, just so pretty!)


Mrs. Pivec said...

Love the pictures of your tulips (I miss them so) and that fashion show must have been so much fun! You looked great in the photos. We girls (hopefully) don't get to wear wedding gowns too often, so I'm sure it must have been a wonderful time! :)

Aisling said...

Thanks for catching up with me! :) The fashion show was fun. You don't grow tulips because you're in the wrong climate? I think you can refrigerate them and "fake a winter" then plant them and get them to grow, but maybe that is too much work for what you get? I've never had to deal with too much heat, only too much winter. It was great to hear from you!

Catherine Mary said...

Thanks for the link to the mythology page on Echo and Narcissus. I'm a beginner as far as mythology and would like to know more. It's a good web site. I enjoyed your pictures of the fashion show and loved the title of the post and how it worked with the pictures and text.

Aisling said...

Catherine Mary, I enjoyed that link on Mythology; I'm glad you did too! There are so many mythologies in the world (Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native American, and on and on and on!) that it is hard to know where to begin. So I start when I find a reference that interests me, and start in the middle and work my way out. *grin*