Monday, January 14, 2008

My Cultural Life...

I have been tagged by my new friend Prairie Star to share the answers to these three questions:

1. What am I reading at the moment?
2. What am I listening to at the moment?
3. What am I watching at the moment?

1. I recently set aside Winter Tales by Isak Denisen to begin reading a text book for history called "The American Promise" and a programming text called "Starting Out with Alice."

2. Even though the holiday season is over, the cd I listened to most recently is Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. The song most recently "stuck in my head" is Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin.

3. Of late, I have been watching my way through the short-lived series Firefly, upon which the movie Serenity is based. The dvd set of the series was a Christmas gift from my oldest daughter, Senryu.

In turn, I'd like to tag:

photo by my daughter Haiku, cattails in the pond and birch trees, 1/12/07


Prairie Star said...

Hiya Aisling,

Thanks for playing my first time round of tagging ;o)!

When reading your post I had a couple of "wow" moments. Just last Thursday I checked out Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong cd from our library *and* I really love both Firefly and Serenity. Because of my hubby, who introduced me to them, we own both of them as well!!!

How 'bout that?!!

Take good care and stay warm,
Prairie Star

Anonymous said...

Oohh!! This will be a fun one. Thanks for tagging me!

Olivia Kroth said...

Hi Aisling,
I came here by chance and I am pleasantly surprised to find my blog on your blogroll. But I have never had a comment from you yet. Why not? I wish you would leave me a little note when you visit next time. It feels so good to read a few kind words from likeminded souls.

Take care -

Aisling said...


It's nice to have you visit. I have indeed left you a little note... on a post which mentioned the Robin. I told about how we always name the first robin we see each year "Mr. Wiggles." I will have to hop back over to your blog and find that post and see if my comment ever appeared! I hope so. I will try to leave another as well! Best wishes, Aisling

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your cultural life, and more lovely, snowy pictures.


Olivia Kroth said...

Hi Aisling,
I am sorry you have no access to my comment function. But if you send me an email, I will place it on the blog.

Meanwhile I wrote a haiku to one of the photos of your daughter Haiku:

birches in winter
thin white stems wrapped in grey fog
reaching to heaven

Aisling said...

Prairie Star, I forgot to answer this sooner! What a lot of fun shared interests!

Karla, Thanks for playing along!

Olivia, I love the haiku! Thank you for sharing that here! :)


Chellie said...

Aisling-I had to start again on my blog. Please find me at my new address. Thank you!

Aisling said...

Chellie, Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out and adjust my blogroll too. :)

Aisling said...

Kate, Thank you for your comment on the winter photos. These were two my daughter took. The great outdoors is just loaded with possiblities for winter photos right now, but it is way too cold to spend much time out there! brrrr!