Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Stroll Invitation

"Be not afraid of moving slowly,
be only afraid of standing still."
~ Chinese Proverb

Our last Sunday in September has arrived. As you may have guessed from my limited posting here this month, the weeks have passed in a blur. I have taken some time, when I could, to appreciate the beauty of the world around me, to laugh with my children, to eat gratefully of the garden's bounty, but still the weeks have rushed by at a hectic pace. I scurried through housework, homework, and errands yesterday, so that I might take today slowly.

If you have time on today to stroll outdoors today, please post about about it on your blog and then come back here with a comment and a link to your post. You may use the Sunday Stroll button at the top of this post on your post or side bar if you would like. I will add participant names to this post so other strollers can walk through your garden too.

Look who's strolling:

Joyce at Tall Grass Worship

Margaret at Periodic Pearls

Ruth at Everyday Woman

Abbie at Farmer's Daughter

Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings

Me here at The Quiet Country House



Joyce said...

I went strolling early today. Come on by!

linda said...

aisling, life is a delicious whirl right now it sounds...enjoy enjoy, fall is a wonderful time, we here in calif. are still waiting for!


Margaret Evans Porter said...

Strolling over here

Abbie said...

Hello Aisling,

My stroll for today is up!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Hi Aisling,

I've got my stroll post up. I strolled in Oregon last week. Thanks for the opportunity to join.~~Dee

Everydaywoman said...

Hi, Aisling!
Finally got a Sunday Stroll done here on this soggy, Sunday morning. Check out the colors of fall at:

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

linda said...

oh dear, you thought I had strolled!!! AND I DIDN'T...I feel like I must look like a strolling idiot... oh well :)

Aisling said...

This post was from way back in September. Are you sure you didn't stroll? Perhaps I received your note on my stroll invitation that day and interpreted as a note that you had strolled. Sorry! I don't think you would ever look like an idiot, and just think any one who linked over to your blog would be delighted to have found it, regardless of the subject of your latest post. :)