Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Stroll - Between the Rains

It drizzled for much of the morning, but when the sun came out briefly, I grabbed my camera and slipped out the front door. A was greated by a arch of rainbow across the western sky. Here it is: south end in one photo, north end in the next.

I picked up two pears that had fallen off one of our little trees and tucked them into my pocket. I made my way past the vegetable garden. After several frosts, the green leaves are intricately entwined with gold and brown.

The butterfly garden seems to fade to silver before drying to shades of gray and brown. There is still freshness amid the drying stalks however, such as this campanula, or blue rain flower and these silver leaves of garden sage.

I had to snap my photos between raindrops. By the time I got back to the front door, the drops were falling faster and the wind was whipping the branches of the thundercloud plum in the front garden. I noticed that the little johnny jump ups, these tiny violas, were blooming again after laying fallow in the warmth of late summer. One more photo then, and I came back into the house. The heat of a wood fire warmed me as I loaded these photos. Since that time, hail and hard rain, with a few early flakes of snow, pelted the windows and rooftop. At this moment, the rosy gold woods are glowing in sunlight and the garden, just outside the windows, is sparkling with the fallen rain.


Joyce said...

What a great open view! I love stormy days when you can see the sky like that. We haven't had frost here yet, surprisingly. I'm sure we'll get it any day now.

linda said...

It is so interesting the different weather patterns we all have...I am still in the 80's, windows open all night, without a hint of fall in the air! You have snow!! I miss fall and hope we don't go directly into winter without a little fall breeze at least! You seem one busy lady lately but I enjoyed my little stroll with you anyway. I couldn't get out to take any decent pictures because the light is either gone or too bright...ah well, I will during the week and catch you next weekend. :)

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Ah, that rainbow arching over the hayfield--gorgeous!

Aisling said...

Joyce, Linda, and Margaret,

Thank you for coming over to see my stroll. I began this month posting about rainbows, and here, near the month's end, I am still posting photos of rainbows. I love it!

Enjoy the week. :)

alison said...

Beautiful as usual, Aisling!

Aisling said...

Alison, Thank you. We've had a very pretty October, even with all of its moods. :)