Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Nesting

As of this morning, or yesterday when school let out, it is spring break for those of us in the Quiet Country House. Even though there is snow in the forecast for Sunday, I am feeling the springtime... I feel as if I have just a little bit more energy to tackle some unfinished projects. I even gave my blog a spring makeover this morning! The new banner is a photograph of the eastern hills that border our property, just as the sun came up one morning this week.

Over the winter, my recycling has kind of piled up. I still don't have a good system of organization for recycling. I rinse things as they are emptied, and then they just pile up until I push up my sleeves some quiet afternoon, and sort items, smash cans, flatten boxes, and head off for the recycling center in our township.

I would love to paint a room this spring, or have some new shelves built... but with our school schedule and tight budget, this will instead be a season of cleaning and reorganizing. I've been emptying one cabinet in my kitchen at a time, cleaning the surfaces and then putting things back in better order. I also recovered a chairseat that had become soiled and dingy over the past two years. You can read the story of this chair here.

However you "feather your nest" this spring, I wish you joy.


photos 1 and 2 by Haiku, new blog banner and chair photos by Aisling - all March 2009


Barbee' said...

What a nice little chair! And, of course I love the print in the fabric you chose to cover the seat. Sometimes, just doing something like that can give one quite a lift every time we catch sight of it.

Cloudhands said...

Very pretty header. It adds a spring feel to the site. The new chair cover seems appropriate to a dragonfly lover. Don't you hate to sit on it.
Getting things done always feels so good. Glad you are finding time to do your organizing clean up and fix up.

Green Mamma said...

I love your new header. I too feel energized by the spring weather but I try to keep in mind to take it one day at a time . . . that is, there's not an uncapped budget for our household and purchases need to be planned. That said, I am trying to renew old things with paper and paint (and fabric seems like a good idea too -- like your chair).

Aisling said...

Barbee, Cloudhands, and Green Mamma,

Thank you for coming by today, and for your nice comments on my chair (and blog "makeover.") This is the chair that sits at my computer desk and it is a fun spot to settle into, for blog reading or even homework. As you said, Barbee, a little lift every time I see it. :)

Small Pines said...

Pretty Spring colors in the top image! That's a pretty awesome chair. Reminds me of a telephone chair. We'll be mostly feather our nest by un-feathering it so we can move. But then I'll have another nest to feather! =)

Aisling said...

Small Pines,

Thank you for the banner-admiration! I'm pleased with it. :)

Also, thanks for the nice comment on my chair. I think it is very pretty, and it was fun to give it a make-over! I hope you'll take lots of photos when you get to feathering your new nest!