Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Stroll - Renewal

In this season of renewal, I decided to strike out in a slightly different direction for a brisk walk in wind and sunshine. I walked through fields that will be tall and green a few months from now, downhill toward the glittering lake where snow lingers in the shadowed eastern edge.
Last year's leaves hung like streamers from pale branches and the April breeze urged them to dance.
I left the lake and walked along the edge of the woods, where snow still lingers and a tiny stream rushes past me heading down toward the lake.

These images are still very brown and gray, perhaps looking more like autumn than spring... but there is something fresh and awake in the air - something quintessentially spring - leading us up the trail toward more colorful days.


photos by Aisling, April 12, 2009


Margaret Evans Porter said...

Love these images! I can find many similar ones on our property...a very northern April!

Everydaywoman said...


You have such a positive take on everything! I just hope that true spring arrives very soon!

I love your description of the leaves "dancing" in the April breeze. It's downright COLD around here with our April winds!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Nan said...

Oh, Aisling, I loved this! In the last photo, what made the tracks? What will be planted there? I didn't stroll this week since it would look the same as the neighborhood walk I took recently. Brown, yes, just like you but the feeling in the air even though cold is so different from any other time of year. And those little flower shoots, and green grasses are simply thrilling. Wanted you to know I am reading Sharon Lovejoy's A Blessing of Toads, thanks to you. I first read her name on your sidebar.

Small Pines said...

Happy day! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and as always, thanks for the gorgeous stroll.

Aisling said...

Margaret, Yes, a very northern April! Your location is more "woodsy" than mine, I think, but similar climate for sure! So nice to see you here today.

Ruth, Stay warm! And Happy Easter to you as well! April showers bring May flowers, but what are these cold winds bringing on? I guess they're just stirring up anticipation for those warm days ahead!

Nan, I'm not sure if a truck or a tractor drove through that field. It will be planted with straw, and generously punctuated with wildflowers that just get rolled up in the bales. Can you remember seeing photos of huge round bales on my blog? That is the field where those are cultivated. Another field I walked through today was oats last year, but it is our neighbor's land and I'm not sure of their plans for the year.

I know you'll love Sharon Lovejoy's book and the gentle spirit that pervades her writing.

Small Pines, Thank you for coming by on the holiday. It was a good day for a walk. I'm hoping you'll join in on some of our strolls once you get moved!

Brenda said...

I believe spring is coming your way! You will soon see the color I see in my Texas yard. Blooms!

Aisling said...

Right on, Brenda! *grin*

Memaw's memories said...

Your pictures are great, but your narrative is even better. I think you should be penning some poetry.

Aisling said...

Well, thanks! I do write poetry and used to post it on my blog quite often... but it has been a while. I think when my schedule slows down I will try to find the time to write.

Thank you for a very nice comment to read at the end of a really long school day!