Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Stroll - Dappled Light

The end of June is almost here... Accordingly, the iris have bloomed and faded. One last skywings iris is in bloom amid the dry papery husks of the other blossoms. I wrote earlier in the years of "seasons within seasons." So as Iris Season, which bridged the gap between spring and summer, passes, the first of the roses unfold and the lilies and daylily buds swell. Their season swiftly approaches... it is just around the curve in the garden trail.

A clover blooms amid the lemon thyme, a charming invader, and the butterfly weed is cheerful and bright though not yet fully in bloom.

The Japanese Dappled Willow waves its green, pink and white flag-leaves in front of a bed of spent iris, while sunlight and shade dapple the garden trail.

This spicy pink dianthus blooms along the trail, and furthur down a single blue campanula has appeared this year. Many of my pansies are whithering away in this dry dusty season, but these blue beauties offer a splash of cool color.

Nothing cool about these bold and beautiful, Baby Sun Coreopsis!

The last of my peonies to bloom is an unknown cultivar... full, pink and old-fashioned and my most fragrant variety. This delicate mallow seems poised for flight, though if I lived among the herbs and roses as she does, I wouldn't be in any hurry to fly away.

Where-ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you joy!
Photo note: These were taken on Friday afternoon so that my daughter could borrow my camera for an event this weekend... The stroll and narrative, however, are from today. All photos by Aisling.


Crafty Gardener said...

I didn't get to stroll today, too busy getting groceries and other stuff. Then it was laundry and some cleaning out and posting on Freecycle. Now that I have time, it is starting to rain. I'll have better luck next week when I'm not so busy. It was nice to stroll around your garden.

Aisling said...

Thanks for visiting here, despite your busy day. Some days are just like that... and we have to play "catch up." I hope you can relax indoors while it rains.

Anonymous said...

That Japanese Willow is amazing in its color and form. Just lovely!

Aisling said...


I pruned that willow pretty hard this spring. It is the new growth that gets the pink and white dappling. It is an interesting addition to the garden. Thank you for visiting, and for strolling too!

Green Mamma said...

Loved the photos, especially the bottom shot. Also, your prose is so poetic; my post today is a bit of a thank you/shout out to you.

Thanks again for hosting Sunday Stroll.

Take care,


Aisling said...


Thank you for such nice feedback on my posts and my strolling event. I'm so glad to have you strolling with us.

Tabbie said...

I have a massive Japanese Willow. They are such gorgeous plants! Butterfly Weed is another favorite of mine. Summer is such a wonderful time of year, but sadly I'm not able to enjoy it much this year. It's fairly hit or miss. Your strolls are always so lovely, so peaceful. Perhaps I will be able to stroll again come August or September.

Aisling said...


I hope things are alright with you... Take care!

I'm glad you can come by for a peaceful moment... Just join us again when you can.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for the walk through your pretty flowers!

Aisling said...

Anytime! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey hey hey, you should join my Tour Of Gardens. Your flowers are lovely. Feel free to add your link to the tour at my site.

Aisling said...

Mrs. Darling,
If you come back, leave me a link. I couldn't access your profile to check out your blog or web site. Thank you for visiting me, and I hope you'll come by again.