Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fresh Start

Will be blogging at a new address. Thank you for all of my blogging friends who continue to drop by to see if I have ended my long, long haitus from blogging.  I have, but am beginning fresh, with a new blog.

You can find me here:  Whatever the Weather


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Ok now dear Aisling, get it moving here so I know what you're up to.

When checking kitchen blog I zeroed in on your falafel mixture. Sounds good.

Sending love and warmth,


hazelnut said...

Hi Aisling,
I just found you,from Pom Pom's blog! I think your photography is stunning. It glows!
I think you must think in similar ways to myself ( tho' my art with the camera is a pale shadow compared to yours ): our blogs look similar! I am sorry, if you mind about this! - I really didn't know about yours. I s'pose its quite un -surprising given the limited free blogger selection...we're Nature lovers, that's for sure. : )

Peace to you, too.
Best wishes,