Monday, August 24, 2015

Autumn Rising

There are still four weeks of summer
In these northern climes,
But tell that to the chill morning air.

Tell that to goldenrod
Waving autumn's banner.

Tell that to the maples
raining color on the trail.

In the slant of light...

In the brisk flight of clouds,

There is a clear tilt toward autumn.

Thank you to all who shared an I Am poem for August in the comments of my previous post. There was some wonderful writing! 

Where ever you are,
what ever the weather,
I wish you all the joys
of this slow roll through the seasons.


elaine said...

I wanted to go out today with my camera to look for early signs of autumn but it poured with rain all day perhaps that in itself is a sign, the temperature has dropped too - Saturday was the complete opposite - how changeable it is at this time of year. I do try to appreciate all the seasons of the year - it is just these in between times that are confusing to my seasonal brain.

Aisling said...

It is an on and off rain here today. Enough clearing to take a walk. I know what you mean about the in between times being confusing!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Oh yes, it is approaching, over the hills, along the river, wending its way through the trees...

Let's enjoy this between-time. It's a lovely one...

Gentle hugs,

Out on the prairie said...

Trying to arrive a little early here also.