Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday Stroll - Bejeweled

When we step into the garden on this first Sunday in October,
we will find autumn clinging to every leaf and flower.

Night rain will linger in the garden
long past noon.

The world will glisten beneath
skies of mist and shadow.

The fragrances of earth and harvest

will weave through the garden,
inviting us to stay.

When at last we go indoors,
we will sip warm mugs of tea
and look through the windows at
the comfortable beauty of October.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you comfort and joy.


Pom Pom said...

Beautiful! Fall is here and she's stunning again!

Marcie said...

Yes, yes! As she always is! Thank you for visiting, my friend.

Out on the prairie said...

You found some lovely treats. I like to harvest a few rose hips for tea.My nasturtiums had terrible germination, I really enjoy them too.

Cat Lover said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

Marcie said...

Steve, This rose bush hardly makes hips, but I have my eye on a Rosa Rugosa at the local nursery which makes HUGE lovely orange hips. I am teaching a class there later this month, and we always barter so I am hoping to be paid with that rose. :)

Cat Lover, Thank you for your visit and your nice comment! :)

Sandra Cox said...

Wonderful pictures, Marcie. So crisp and clean.

Marcie said...

Sandra, Thank you so much! It was a BEAUTIFUL autumn day! Fresh with rain but warm enough to get out in!

Gardenmatrial said...

Rose Flower