Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Poetry Thursday - Winter Solstice

On the last evening of autumn
I lay upstairs on the guest bed 
on top of the gold and white quilt
that my grandmother
 made for me decades ago.
I look through the window
for a long while.

The horizon is glazed in autumn fire
though the earth is hidden by snow
and the maples are bare and shivering
beneath those glowing skies.

The longest night is falling;
the color bleeds from overhead
and spills into the lake.

The trees become only shadows
against a shadow sky
and I watch through the window
until my breath and I
are only shadows
 in the quiet upstairs room
on the last evening of autumn.


Diane AZ said...

Lovely poem! The bare trees are so beautiful, happy winter. :)

Marcie said...

Diane, Thank you! Such a different scene from your beautiful desert, but all of Nature is breath-taking, isn't it?

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice, it was such a nice fall it was hard to give up.Today may be 50

Marcie said...

Steve, It was one of the most beautiful autumns in memory! We are up to 37 here, but it is melting snow and feeling like a "heat wave" after the wind and chill of the past several days. Get out and enjoy that sunshine while you can! :)

kerrdelune said...

Love this, happy Solstice, my friend!

Marcie said...

Thank you, Cate. Happy Solstice to you as well!

Cat Lover said...

What a beautiful poem! You are right, it was a gorgeous Autumn. Like you we are experiencing a warm up now with rain forecast for Christmas day.

Nan said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you.

Marcie said...

Cat Lover, Thank you so much! I hope you and I both see at least a little of the "white stuff" for Christmas. I'll be ready for spring soon after that, though. lol

Thank you, dear friend. I'm glad you came by just in time to read my seasonal thoughts.