Thursday, February 02, 2017

Favoring February - Haiku 2/2

remnants of summer linger

above the February snow

rabbit tracks below

You caught me.  I did not get all of the summer's bounty harvested.  I left a generous quantity of Brussels sprouts lingering in the garden.  A few times this winter, I have trudged out in the snow to gather a few for roasting.  They are beautifully preserved, having been frozen much of this time. However, the wild rabbits that haunt the garden have been busy of late.  Well, they need to eat too!

How is your February going so far?  We have decided in our home to watch a bunch of comedies this month.  Intellectual sunshine, perhaps?  We could go for motivational talks, such as Ted Talks (which I truly appreciate) or something of that fine caliber, but a good belly laugh in the midst of a gloomy winter does a great deal of good, I believe.  Tonight, we will honor the day by watching Bill Murray's Groundhog Day.  

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you good cheer.


Blogoratti said...

Lovely piece, have a wonderful new month ahead!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Marcie, I too always left some brussell sprouts in the garden for winter eating. We haven't had a veggie garden in a couple years due to moving but hope to have one this year.
Comedies are a good idea this time of year. We all need a good laugh.
Love your haiku!

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice, tomorrow prompt is hand

Marcie said...

I haven't been using the prompts. Have you? Thought I would only if I got stuck. A busy few days here so may esit til Monday then post a few together.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Laughter is always a good thing!

joanna said...

the man in the moon
has become homeless;
rain clouded night

I haven't seen the Moon for ages. Nor the sun for that matter :-)

Who sets your prompts for the haiku?
I'd love to play along from time to time.

Marcie said...

The website sets prompts I believe though I haven't been following them. I love your haiku here in my comments! Would love to read more!

Marcie said...

Joanna, I hope you come back and read these responses. I couldn't tell if you have a blog or not, so I'm answering here. The facebook page for National Haiku Writing Month seems to set the prompt. If you are on facebook, you can find it here: For 2/24/17 the prompt is "In Short" with the notation to write a brief/minimal haiku. Have fun if you play along. Feel free to share in my comments any time you want to. I am very interested in reading your haiku! :)