Thursday, June 01, 2017

While You Can


Live slowly in this moment.

Be aware of the green beauty,

The sun slanting through the trees,
The shadows on the grass,

The softness of the sky.

Live this moment.

Be here,
While you can.

Spring can come in slowly, easing you into the growth of things.  But then, so often the seasons get rolling past so fast that things become a blur.  You may feel like a dog hanging its head out of the car window.  You're loving it!  You're happy! But, how much are you really noticing?  

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you slow moments of grateful awareness.


Jan said...

A beautiful post Marcie! Lovely photos!
You are so right about the seasons, too. Spring, I, too, believe is the most tickled of the four :)

Marcie said...

Thank you! I appreciate you coming by to visit. I'm way behind on blog visits, so busy in the garden! Hoping to catch up soon!

Pom Pom said...

So true! I pray for eyes that really see!
Even though we are landlocked and live in the suburbs of a huge city, there are many lovey and beautiful things to see.

Marcie said...

I know, Pom, I see all the lovely and beautiful things on your blog all the time! :D What a wonderful world!

Nan said...

I love the field. Are there ticks out there?? We seem to have millions this year! I think the rainy and cold April and May may be the reason.

Out on the prairie said...

My photo eyes try to see it all and then some

Blogoratti said...

Lovely photos indeed...have a nice new month!

Marcie said...

Nan, We have not encountered any ticks yet. Micah, our Huskie, takes a monthly med for fleas and ticks and so far so good. Having said that, we have been warned in our region that ticks will be bad this year. I'm trying to be aware, because typically it is not something we have to worry about!

Steve, Yes! That is evident in your photos!

Blogoratti, Thank you! I checked in on your blog earlier today as saw nothing new. Now, here you are and I see you have a new post up. Off to read it!

Cat Lover said...

Great post Marcie! I do try and notice the little things.
Have a good weekend!

Lowcarb team member said...

Such lovely photographs.

All the best Jan

Magic Love Crow said...

Such a beautiful post! Big Hugs!

Marcie said...

Robin , Jan and Stacy.. So behind on responding to comments but thank you so much coming by and taking the time to let me know you appreciated this lost.