Thursday, May 25, 2017

Apple Blossom Rain

It has been a cool, slow spring, yet it is nearly time to turn the page of calendar again.  Tiny white berries are forming on the strawberries, one of the summer's early crops.  Each day brings the discovery of another variety of wildflower blooming,  Meanwhile, the petals are falling from the wild apple trees in the forest.  As I walked in the woods today, the petals fell down around me, smelling of wild roses and spring rain.

Wild Euphorbia (?)

Corallorhiza striata (Striped Coral Root)
As the wild grasses set seed, we strive to get the seeds and seedlings in the ground for this year's garden.  We are busy dodging rain storms and are encumbered by heavy sweatshirts and winter caps, instead of the wide brimmed straw hats we usually (forget to) wear at this time of year.

Everything seems to strive to grow and multiply in the Spring.  This old apple tree has set new stems in growth all along its gnarled and leaning trunk.  Moss and lichen compete with the tender apple leaves, in a little garden springing from rough bark instead of soft earth.  There is so much growing in every square foot of the woods.  I can't even begin to catalog all the species of moss, lichen, grasses, and the like, but every year, I try to learn more.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you joy.


Out on the prairie said...

Have a bumper crop of cherries again on the trees,the lower branches are reserved for grands to pick

Birgit said...

Your beautiful images, especially the last one, tells me how we can learn from nature. Despite the setbacks and what we perceive as death, beauty still rises up and life blossoms. Without the rain, we would not appreciate the sun

Cat Lover said...

Lovely photos Marcie! The rain has made everything so lush. My tulips are still looking beautiful but I would like to plant my annuals please!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Amazing! I love seeing mother nature come to life!!