Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I enjoy Tuesdays at this stage in my life. They are the only week day with no obligations on the calendar. Tuesdays, Tanka and I stay home. Betwixt cleaning and other household chores, I read a story or two to the little guy, and at some point in the day we play a game. I like the tranquility of the day. It is quiet here on Tuesdays, though Tanka rarely stops talking. Still, his voice is the soft (and oft times not so soft) music of childhood, as he pushes cars around, or drags every pillow and blanket from his bed to the center of the living floor.

The beginning of this particular Tuesday was anything but tranquil, however! The alarm clock did not go off at 5:00 AM as it should have. I still don't know why. Haiku's alarm clock did not ring at 6:00 AM. She forgot to set it last night. I woke at 7:40 AM and the house was quiet. So, it was tranquil for a moment, until my eyes focused in on the time. Suddenly, I was leaping from the bed and waking the entire family one at a time. Haiku had already missed the bus. Limerick was already late for work. Sijo had less than half an hour to catch his bus.

Tanka and I were able to come home and catch our breath after the race to get everyone where they needed to be. But, I have had that feeling all day of having forgotten something I am supposed to remember.

Winter has returned to these northern hills. Snow is falling. A cold wind is blowing. I will keep the fire in the woodstove blazing, fighting against the wind that is sneaking in through gaps around the front door, so that my family will find home a warm and cozy place on this cold Tuesday in January.
photo by Aisling, January 9, 2007


karlanee said...

Tuesdays sound like perfect days!

I miss having days like that. Miss being at home. Funny that the old song is right - you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Aisling said...

Tuesday really are perfect, if we get up on time! *grin* I would like it if the rest of the gang was home also, but then of course it wouldn't be nearly as quiet! :)