Saturday, April 28, 2007

Silent Grace...

The first tiny blossoms of my perennial forget-me-not (Heart-leaf Brunnera) bloomed today. This plant will be lush with blossoms over the next few weeks, but none will thrill my heart as did these first two blooms today. That touch of tender blue, like the summer sky that I am dreaming of, is so encouraging on a day that offered both April sunshine and April showers.

I found the old-fashioned poem written by a Canadian Poet about forget-me-nots, in an era when the language of flowers was symbolic and meaningful to lovers and romantics, as well gardeners. As the poet says, "Ah! every blossom hath a tale, with silent grace to tell." Over and over again, that silent grace beckons me into the garden, calms and renews me, and connects me to the earth.


Could every blossom find a voice
And sing a strain to me,
I know where I would place my choice,
Which my delight should be.
I would not choose the lily tall,
The rose from musky grot,
But I would still my minstrel call
The blue Forget-me-not.

And I on mossy bank would lie,
Of brooklet, rippling clear;
And she of the sweet, azure eye,
Close at my listening ear,
Should sing into my soul a strain
Might never be forgot,
So rich with joy, so rich with pain--
The blue Forget-me-not.

Ah! every blossom hath a tale,
With silent grace to tell,
From rose that reddens to the gale
To modest heather-bell;
But oh! the flower in every heart
That finds a sacred spot
To bloom, with azure leaves apart,
Is the Forget-me-not.

Love plucks it from the mosses green
When parting hours are high,
And places it Love's palms between
With many an ardent sigh;
And bluely up from grassy graves
In some loved churchyard spot
It glances tenderly and waves--
The dear Forget-me-not.

by Crawford, Isabella Valancy (1850-1887)
Poem is in the public domain..

photo by Aisling, April 28, 2007; perennial forget-me-nots


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Oh to have something other than weeds and bugs in my yard! LOL

I'm off to fight the latest ant invasion. Wish me luck!

Aisling said...

Grace, Well, I have lots of weeds and bugs too! *grin* I hope someday you will have a very beautiful garden to linger in.

Rapunzel said...

Lovely! My garden is perking up a bit but the serious water restrictions we're under is going to create some problems soon. I'm ready to go outside and do a little rain dance!

Aisling said...

Rapunzel, How difficult it must be to garden with water restrictions. Do you do all the little tricks like saving your vegetable and pasta cooking water and what's left over in the tea kettle, etc. to water the garden? I have never had to deal with that here. Most years, I do not have to water until some time in June (except when I do some planting) because of our spring rains.