Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tomorrow's Another Day...

This peony cultivar is Scarlett O'Hara. I purchased her, a bit too early last year, before our frost free date and planted her in the butterfly garden where she did not thrive. At the end of the growing season, I moved this plant and my other peonies up to the new front garden where there is more sun. Over the years, the Chinese Elm in the butterfly garden has grown larger and leafier transforming that little corner of the yard, along the creek bank, from a mostly sunny garden into a garden with zones of sun and shade. Eventually all the plants that need lots of sunshine will have to be relocated. Here are a couple more photos from the front garden, taken this afternoon before the storm clouds began to roll in:

photos by Aisling, June 2, 2007 1) Scarlette O'Hara Peony; 2) Dark Rose Pansy; 3) Weigela, cultivar unknown


Catherine Mary said...

I like the Scarlet O'Hara but I am biased because I'm a peony lover. I have three peony bushes and they were doing well until we had a downpour yesterday and the flower stems are now petal-less. I wish I would have remembered to cut the flowers for a vase before the rain came. Your flowers are beautiful--I like the colors.

Aisling said...

Catherine Mary, I love peonies too. At my first home, there were some established plants, and I just loved them. Too bad about your downpour. We just had one too, but there is no damage to the flowers that I can see.

Thank you for your comments on the colors of my flowers. My front garden has more of a "color scheme" than my butterfly garden (which has lots of different colors to attract pollinators.) So far, in the front garden, I'm working with deep rich plum and burgandy, and then some romantic rose tones, etc. It is a new garden, and I'm letting it evolve rather than overplanning anything.