Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today at home

I was basically stranded at home today. Yesterday, the serpentine belt in my car's engine decided to start unravelling itself; not a good thing. I borrowed my husband's van, and because his does not have a bell to remind me to turn off the lights, I didn't do so. Again, not a good thing. I would charge the battery with our plug-in battery charger, but can't pop the hood (it is an older van and the mechanism doesn't operate correctly.) Yesterday my dryer also decided to die. Though I would really enjoy a clothesline outdoors, every time I ask my dear husband to help me put one in, he talks me out of the location I have in mind for it. Hmmm...

So today, despite some plans, I stayed at home. I draped laundry all over chair backs and door tops, and stair railings and opened all the windows wide. The breeze was brisk and effective, so I got several loads washed and dried.
I brought a card table up from the basement and put my seed trays on it. I am late in starting seeds, but have better luck transplanting smaller seedlings. So far, the boys have started three kinds of pumpkins and I have started rosemary and stevia. Over the next few days, I will be starting more seeds and also putting rhubarb and asparagus in beds outdoors.

I could have run around and done errands and kept appointments today, but I enjoyed my involuntary day off. I did housework. I did college homework. I took a couple of short walks with my five year old, Tanka, and a few photos in the garden. I read huggy buggy board books with Tanka and made bread and homemade tortillas. It was one of my favorite kind of days, and the sort of day the doesn't happen often enough.
Oh yeah, and if that wasn't enough to make me happy (it was), the Red Impression Tulips in the front garden opened today.

photos by Aisling, 1) white tulips in the moon garden 2) asparagus and rhubarb to be planted 3) pumpkin seedlings 4) Red Impression Tulip


Memaw's memories said...

Those are the kinds of days women used to have all the time. Growing up, we had one vehicle--a farm truck. She went to town once a week, and the rest of the time she worked at home, in the garden, and oh yeah, milked a cow and gathered eggs. You've had a taste of the good life.

Aisling said...

And I truly know it. When we homeschooled, my days were like that more often. I miss the simplicity of those times.

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment. :)

anita said...

What a lovely day! Mine are all that nowadays, but I remember when I was working away from home how much I treasured those unexpected days of grace.