Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Stroll - Continuity

Gathering Nectar & Delivering Pollen

Beginning to Bloom

Still Blooming

Blooming Again

photos by Aisling, August 24, 2008 1) bee on purple coneflower/echinacea 2) Physostegia virginiana, aka Obedient Plant or False Dragonhead 3) Wild self-sown mullein blooming in the butterfly garden 4) Sedum, cultivar Black Jack 5) purple coneflower and butterfly bush 6) re-blooming carnival Weigala


Joyce said...

Aren't mullein an interesting plant? I love the structure. I'm glad you left this one, even if it arrived uninvited.

Aisling said...

Joyce, I actually have quite a few of them growing in my butterfly garden this year. This one is self sown from one that I left last year. There are several more that will probably not bloom until next year.

I love them too. The leaves are really gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting!

Nan said...

What an interesting approach to your stroll. I loved it. I'm quite fond of the obedient plant. Is it perennial or annual? If p. do you know the zone requirement? I'm fond of mullein, too.

Jane Marie said...

All of your flowers are lovely. I need to look into mullein. I don't believe I have ever grown it.