Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Stroll - Each in its Turn

While the dill in the orchard garden is already in bloom, in the front garden the bronze fennel is still emerging where last year's seeds fell.

In the vegetable garden, the Potimarron Squash is still putting out new blooms, as the earlier blooms begin to form fruit.

Star-shaped pumpkin blossoms are becoming pale spherical "baby" pumpkins.

Amid white flowers, tiny thin green beans are already forming, but the cucumbers are still only in the flowering stage.

Tomatoes are covered in both yellow blossoms and green globes.

Heads of broccoli, blue-green and getting large, are almost ready to harvest.

The zinnias, sedate in bud, will soon be a riot of green and pink at the north end of each row in the vegetable garden.

In the butterfly garden, the last of the orange day-lilies are blooming, as the tiger lilies begin their reign as the brightest orange in the garden.

The first Star Gazer lily, her color somewhat subdued this year, has opened near the brilliant blue butterfly delphinium.

Along the wild edges of our property, Joe-Pye Weed, taller and more subtle in color than the chicory which has dominated the uncultivated areas for weeks, is emerging.

When it feels like there is a "lull" in the garden, I have to look a little closer and I find that the "grand show", as John Muir called it, continues. Always, it continues.


all photos by Aisling, Sunday, August 2, 2008


linda said...

and that's so true, the grand show continues somewhere...I thought my garden was fried beyond anything worthy of capturing until I really looked. A rose here, a glorious golden fireworks of feathergrass there and always birds and blooming this and that...I do envy your lovely veggies...that broccoli!


Aisling said...

Linda, I'd love to share! If you were livin' right next door, I'd send some broccoli right over. I'm going to pick some and try it out tonight.

Thanks for visiintg my stroll. I enjoyed yours today!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I'm with Linda, Aisling! I want some fresh broccoli. I'm missing salad, I can't eat raw stuff that you can't peel and I love salad. But they say even the cleanest veggies that we get from places could cause problems for me. I could do a salad without lettuce with all peeled stuff.
Thanks for sharing your stroll. Everything looks great!

Ruth said...

I can't thank you enough for putting these strolls together! I've so enjoyed visiting other gardens, backyards, and private treasures. I especially enjoy the poetry in your captions. I can't wait for more of our "green globes" to turn crimson! Thanks so much for inviting me to join your group!

Aisling said...


It would be really hard to stick with "peeled stuff" only. Wow. I'll bet, when that restriction is lifted, you'll eat the biggest green leafy salad ever! I would.


Aisling said...


What a nice note from you this morning! I'm so glad to have another person strolling along with us. Your farm looks like a beautiful place to meander. I'm certain that a lot of hard work goes on there much of the time, but isn't it nice to slow down sometimes and just appreciate the beauty? :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh! That chicory is amazing! It's my very favorite wildflower. And what a great shot. I also like your new header photo very much!

Aisling said...

Nancy, Isn't the chicory a gorgeous color? I just love it too. Thank you for your nice comment on my photo. :)

My header has been there for a little while, but thank you. I love that corner of my garden, though since the photo was taken, I've changed it a bit.