Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Stroll - Slow Melt

A slow melt
trickles nourishing water
into the earth.

Windows in the snow
offer glimpses of
the seasons to come.

In the spring daffodils will rise here,

and brilliant red tulips will blaze in the sun.

Here bright poppies will sway in summer,

and silvery lambs ear will bloom soft and sweet,
at the feet of the sensation lilac.

This cycle…the bloom, the fade, the freeze, the thaw…
This is the song of the year;
the slow turning at the heart of it all.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you a heart filled with joy.

All photos and text by Aisling, February 21, 2010


Pom Pom said...

Hi Aisling!
I love the snow heart!
You reminded me of the poppies I planted. I dug them out of my neighbor's yard and they wilted away but I think they'll decide to come up this year. Yahoo!

Aisling said...

Thank you for the cheery note! Poppies are a nice thing to thing about right now, aren't they?

I love the snow heart too. I just came across it as I walked to my sleeping butterfly garden.

Have a wonderful week. :D

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Good morning dear Aisling,

I LOVED "How to Cook Your Life." He was a wonderful teacher and I enjoyed every second of it.


Sharon Lovejoy

Aisling said...

Sharon, That must have such a wonderful experience! I really am going to rewatch that soon. You've inspired me. There are life lessons, and food lessons, to be learned there.

Thank you for the visit!

Margaret Evans Porter said...

The snow heart is a treasure. And how wonderful to see the spring flowers jutting up, so heartening.

Aisling said...

Margaret, Thank you! I may make that "snow heart" my blog banner for the remainder of winter. I really like it too!

I was just thrilled to find those daffodil shoots in the front garden on Saturday afternoon when I ran down the hill to the herb garden to dig under the snow for some thyme (which I found!)

I'm so glad you came by!

Anonymous said...

It does give one reason to hope, that's for sure. :) I also love the heart melt!

One Woman's Journey said...

Aisling, beautiful words and images
I love the heart in the snow.
Spring is around the corner!!!

Jessica Monte said...

Aisling, how beautiful! Your prose is calming and your images are inspiring. I especially enjoyed the heart your found in the snow. So very sweet.

linda said...

i apologize--i thought i had come by earlier in the week to see your ss...ah well, i wanted to say hello to you today and then saw the lovely photos, seeming so full of spring to come...your photo of the heart in the snow is gorgeous, one of my favorites!

Aisling said...

Nancy, So nice to see you here!

Ernestine, Spring will get to you a little sooner than it does to me, but I think maybe we're both ready for it! :)

Jessica, Thank you. I always hope that readers find the text that accompanies the photos a bit of a meditation. I appreciate your thoughtful remark!

Linda, My spring trails behind you, but you know how much I will delight it in when it finally arrives. I loved your visit, including your beautiful, colorful profile image!

Thank you all for the "heart love." It was a lucky find, and I'm glad my camera caught it's pretty shape and ice crystal edges!