Monday, March 01, 2010

Inspiration & Apology

"A flash a flare a wind of great wings, Heron's equally Significant Other flushes from the dry spartina leaping, a cool gray fire. Hardly the span of a tall man's arm is between us, she settles like smoke and we stand eye to eye. Now it is me who must remain, transfixed by her flame.

The Mystery of Great Blue Heron and his mate is not solved by science or by sovereignty. They appear, they vanish, they reappear. If the feel of the marsh is emptiness and even the air is still that is the time for patience. Do not hurry. Make no sound. Walking, use stealth. Watching, do not move. When Stillness pursues what is Still, all things are revealed."

~Mark Seth Lender

I am sorry for not posting my usual Sunday Stroll Invitation. We were without internet from Saturday morning through just a few minutes ago. I feel much more connected to the world now!
I heard the beautiful snippet of poetic prose copied above on the radio today from Mark Seth Lender's Salt Marsh Diary. We have herons visit our pond each year and these words resonate with me. The writer so perfectly captures the beauty of a wildlife encounter. You can visit his website here: Salt Marsh Diary or read about him at the website of Living on Earth, the NPR radio program on which I heard these inspiring thoughts.

Margaret, the diligent, strolled despite my radio-silence yesterday. You can find her stroll at Periodic Pearls.


Jessica Monte said...

Gosh, you make me ache for NPR. Lately I've been alternating between Laurie Berkner and whatever pop music is playing . . . gotta keep my passengers happy, know what I mean? :-) Anyway, one of these days I'll have to listen. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Happy March!

Aisling said...

Jessica, Well, I've been known to pop over to Youtube just to sing along with We Are the Dinosaurs too. lol! I definitely know what you mean, and my NPR listening takes place when I'm alone in the car on errands or heading to school. Those days don't happen often when you have little ones at home, but they grow so fast. NPR can wait, these precious days of your children's childhood cannot!

Tabor said...

LOve NPR and it is one whenever we are out running errands.

Pom Pom said...

Herons. So lovely, like every day flamingos. I may have told you this but one of our neighbors installed a big pond and fountain with expensive ornamental fish to swim around looking pretty. I think the herons discovered this fine dining experience and had a few expensive meals! After that, the owners covered their big "do" with net!

Aisling said...

Tabor, Sound just like me! I really believe it enriches my life. We heard a wonderful On Point about Whales the other day.

Pom Pom, I hope the Herons found another good fish diner! I like your thought that they are like Everyday Flamingos. :D

Anonymous said...

Kindred! I listen to NPR from sun-up to sun-down (mostly). Beautiful words! We had a heron visiting the neighbor's pond during the Summer. BIG birds!

the wild magnolia said...

The discovery of a new wordsmyth always excites me!

"Watching, do not move. When Stillness pursues what is Still, all things are revealed."

I ask, is this not truth?! Be
"Still" my heart, I love it.

Thanks for posting.

No need to apologize....

Nan said...

I wish we had water on the land to attract herons and ducks. I'd love to see them. But then the dogs would jump in and probably the birds would never come back.

Aisling said...

Small Pines, I often have that kindred feeling when reading your blog. :)

Magnolia, I hope you were able to check out the links I provided to read more of those beautiful words. Nice to meet you! I'll try to come by and return the visit in some downtime this weekend.

Nan, We managed to have heron visits even when our dear Maude was with us. Oh how she loved that pond, and yes she scared the herons, or ducks, or other visiting creatures away sometimes. It's all a part of the story. :)

Everydaywoman said...

No apologies necessary, EVER, Aisling!

Aisling said...

Ruth, Aw thanks. :)