Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Stroll - Emerging

Unexplained rock collections reveal that my boys have been
getting outside more often with the arrival of warmer weather.
Amid the gray and brown leaf litter left by last year's garden, bits of green are emerging.

There are daffodil shoots under the lavender.There is Sage ,

and cucumber-scented salad burnet,


and tulips

The still gray treeline stands beneath cloud flecked March skies,
waiting for the official arrival of Spring before busrting into green.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather,
I wish you all the beauty and freshness of Spring Green.

all photos by Aisling, March 14, 2010


Andrea said...

I love you blog! It is a very soothing place, with its beautiful pictures of nature. My stroll with you today was wonderful.

Bless you, and have a great week!


Aisling said...

Andrea, Thank you so much. That is exactly what I hope for my blog to be. Thank you for visiting, and for letting me know you were here. :D

Pom Pom said...

I love the sprouts! I don't think we have any yet. I need a lake.
Your stroll was lovely and the boys' impromptu nature table made me smile.

Aisling said...

Pom Pom, Thank you for strolling with me! I loved finding the rocks on the stump in the garden. They look like ordinary rocks to me, but one of my sons must have thought they were pretty special. :)

You might be surprised what is peeking up in the garden. There is a little something new each day in my garden. It makes me happy!

I love getting your little notes!

linda said...

oh these are all so lovely! i am thrilled you finally have a bit of spring to call your own :)

Aisling said...

Linda, We do! I have to look closely for the green and growing things, but they are definitely there! Sadly, there is snow in the extended forecast, but I'm ignoring it for now. lol!

Thank you so much for coming by. :)

Jessica Monte said...

Your post makes me ache for my own garden; I'll have to clear out and get busy inspecting what is coming back. Our snow is only just melted, so I'll have to get going soon.

Will you start your planting this Wednesday?

Aisling said...

Jessica, I am way to far north to plant anything yet. Even starting seeds indoors in March is often too early because things get "leggy." Around here the earliest people plant outdoors is Memorial weekend usually, and we often put in our veggie garden the first weekend in June. We have just had low precip this winter, so these warm days got rid of our lingering snow quickly. There is snow in the forecast for this weekend, thought I'm hoping the forecast is wrong!

the wild magnolia said...

Living in an apartment complex my gardening is limited. Being able to enjoy the spring sprouts of new flowering is a blessing.

Thanks for sharing.

Aisling said...

Thank you! I actually had two open blossoms yesterday... a mini iris and one yellow crocus. I didn't have a camera on hand except my cellphone, so not sure I will share a photo here. I'm excited for spring to truly be here, but we have snow in the forecast for the next few days.