Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - January Quiet

In the morning,
while the others in the house are sleeping,

I hear the quiet.
The ceiling fan whirs,
a whisper, a hum,
pushing the heat that rises from the wood stove
down into the room.

I see shadows and light,
a hint of gray sky through the bare window.
The tops of the cedar trees sway.

I smell and taste morning coffee, dark and fragrant,
a comforting morning ritual.
As I drink it,
I remember my mom wrapped in a thick white robe,
curled up on the couch sipping her coffee.

I feel connected and tranquil on a quiet January morning.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you serenity.


Blogoratti said...

Brilliant memories and vivid thoughts. Greetings.

Cat Lover said...

Lovely! Exactly what a January morning feels like.
Take care.

Out on the prairie said...

A real charmer, I think I will savor that coffee smell even better today.

Marcie said...

Thank you, friends. Hope you all have a beautiful week. Sunday Stroll post coming soon. Get your boots on!