Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Favoring February - Haiku 2/1


dawn light falls across

snow drifts and shadow

february rises

There is a pot of oats warming on the wood stove as I write, a hearty breakfast sweetened with cinnamon, cashews, and a hint of dark chocolate.  Coffee scents the morning air.  The only sounds are those mysterious wooden creaks and whispers of an old house on a windy February morning. January and February are the winter months; the only two that are winter the whole month long. Can we celebrate that?

Shall we cross-country ski in the silvery afternoon light, on days so cold that our breath makes tiny clouds of sea mist in the air as we move?   Shall we invite friends over for sleigh rides or sledding and serve them hot chocolate with a vast array of choices to stir into their steaming mugs?  Shall we savor quiet moments in our cozy homes, with books and music, and pillows and quilts?  Let's try it all, as we favor February, the winter month.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you comfort and joy.

Note: 2/1 is my first Haiku of the NaHaiWriMo challenge.  The organizers of the challenge discourage stubborn adherence to the 5/7/5 rule that many  of us learned for haiku writing, so I am trying to relax and just catch a moment of time in my tiny poems.

Note 2:  Somehow I missed Pom Pom's stroll on Sunday, so I am posting the link HERE and on Sunday's post.  You don't want to miss it!


Out on the prairie said...

Last weekend was a snow shoe hike, without any snow. I haven't even got out the skis. There is a county group that meets any time we get 4 inches and we have never met.

Marcie said...

We are waiting for just another inch or two and we will go out. It is supposed to stay cold for at least the next couple of weeks, so I think we will make it out. I hope your group gets to meet at least once or twice this winter!