Thursday, February 23, 2017

Through the Window Glass - Black Capped Chickadees

"Use what talents you possess: 
the woods would be very silent 
if no birds sang there except those that sang best."
~ Henry Van Dyke

With apologies for the low quality photos, taken through the window with my simple "point and click" camera, I wanted to introduce you to the sweet visitors we have had lately at the farm.  They are the first to have found the new feeder on the sycamore tree. has this to say about the Black Capped Chickadee: "A bird almost universally considered “cute” thanks to its over-sized round head, tiny body, and curiosity about everything, including humans."  Well, I agree to the word "cute," don't you?  

Do you have bird feeders near your windows?  Who visits most often?  Which birds are your favorites?  While we await the return of our spring flocks, the robins and other migratory birds, I will enjoy watching these little chickadees.  I am hoping that sitting with a cup of tea and watching the bird feeder through the window isn't considered doing nothing!

Where ever you are, what ever the weather, I wish you contentment and something to look forward to!


Out on the prairie said...

I laughed when a friend looking at an ad said look at these neat feeders and I did. I always like more. All mine are set so I can watch from some room.

Marcie said...

I imagined that you had quite a few feeders. You get some amazing photographs! I am slowly building up my feeders, but I know it is a commitment. You can't just quit feeding them once you begin, or you cause some distress! Love those feathered friends, though. So fun to watch and to learn about!

Sandra said...

I do love chickadees! We don't have them here! How lovely for you to have them feeding in your garden! My favourite birds are the British robin and all the little members of the Tit family, especially blue-tits. For melodious song, my favourite is the European blackbird. I don't have a garden, so no feeders.

Marcie said...

Oh, too bad you don't have chickadees, but all of your birds sound wonderful. I am going to "google" the European blackbird (don't believe we have those here!) and listen to its song. Thank you for your lovely response to my post! :)

Sandra Cox said...

I haven't put up feeders here because of the cats, but where I lived before we had chickadees, cardinals, wood peckers, finches, doves, blue jays, Carolina wrens, etc.
It was great.
You put a smile on my face again.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie, 6 feeders in front that I view constantly.
None now in back because of squirrels.
Please email me
my address on blog
and I will send you a list of my Chinese Poetry books.
Love them, my son would send me poems from these books
and I began to order books for me and love them
So calming
especially now with health problems emerging.
Love you
feel like I am your mother
since commenting for years...

Marcie said...

Ernestine, I love how we can connect with wildlife just outside our windows! Today, we are in the midst of another snowstorm, so the chickadees are laying low. I feel as you do! We have been connecting on blogs for so many years. I feel like I have 3 moms in my life now: my real mom, one friend who is 80 now and lives close by, and you, there at the edge of your woods. We are kindred spirits for sure! Emailing you for that list of poetry books. So excited! Sending love your way.

Cat Lover said...

What a lovely feeder! My whole life I have had bird feeders. Except for the very short time we spent in an apartment! Luckily mine are just outside the window where we sit down to eat our meals. Through the day I sit and read there too and watch the birds.