Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poetry Thursday - Hidden Freshness

Lines From a Window

The morning,
brought the day to me
I received it with love
and never gave it back again
one ought
to keep a gift.
The noontime
baked the sidewalks
and the leaves.
I loved the noon
because it was so alone
with just
one thing to do.
But ah
the evening
blue and purple,
lovely and with hidden
freshness, brought from the day
new things.
The baked leaves stirred
frogs sang
the crickets stirred the air
and the whole choir of birds
how wonderful a world
where melody can sleep.

~ Sister Mary Faith, O.S.B.

photo by Haiku, Cannes Lily, July 9, 2007


L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, the beauty of lilies...fresh drenched, tangy clean.

Aisling said...

l.l., Lilies are truly beautiful! I'm glad you stopped by.

Catherine Mary said...

The title of Sister Mary Faith's poem kept coming back to me as I read each "time" portion (morning,quiet; noon time, evening blue and purple)of the poem. I could picture her coming back to the same window during the day watching as the view changed as the hours rolled by. Very nice.

Aisling said...

Catherine Mary, At first I thought to myself that the poem was too run together (without punctuation marks) and so I slowed myself down to read it more purposefully, breaking at each time frame. I felt as if I were experiencing the rhythm of the day along with Sister Mary Faith. I agree with you: very nice.

cd&m said...

How lovely

Aisling said...

cd&m, Thank you and welcome! :)