Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poetry Thursday -- Waiting for Rain

We are in a "moderate drought" this year, according to local weather sources. This week we have had a bit of rain, but still the lake levels are down, the crops struggling, the ground parched. When the wind moves along the hill it lifts sand from the road and throws it across the air. Today, the sky is overcast and heavy with clouds, and yet no rain is falling. I have been waiting all day for the rain, and the air has a humid feeling of expectancy, as if the day itself is waiting for the rain. I am predicting that it will begin to fall just as I head off with my daughters to a wellness fair in a garden this evening. Contigency plans have been made to hold the event indoors if it does rain and, even if they hadn't, we need the rain too badly to be particular about when it falls.

I wrote this haiku just a little while ago, after stepping onto the front porch between home-tending tasks.

clouds of gray and white
blue-edged and moving slowly
the earth is still dry

I jotted this down quickly, and returned to my cleaning, but I'd rather just sit and wait for it to rain. I'm like the clouds today: blue-edged and moving slowly.

photo by Aisling, August 23, 2007 (Editorial Note; I need to work on the resolution of this photo, or find a new one! Still, it gives you an idea of the sky today.)


Catherine Mary said...

I was so hopeful for rain by the first two lines of the haiku after seeing the picture. But the last line is so to the point--it sounds desperate. So much in a small poem.

Aisling said...

Catherine Mary, Thank you for commenting. Fortunately, we did get the rain late in the evening. And it rained much of the afternoon on Friday. I don't think it had rained significantly in about 2 months. I know it could be - and is - worse elsewhere, but still we notice all the things here that are affected by drought. I love how haiku can capture a mood or a moment, in just a few small lines. Thanks for noticing that in mine. :)

Nan - said...

I think the picture gave a very good feel of what you are experiencing. As I've written, I have a hard time with "big" photos. My camera works best on the macro shots. I suppose that must be what improves when one spends more, but mine is fine for what I want and a great improvement over our old one for not too much money.

Aisling said...


We must have a similar quality-level of camera. My favorite shots are macro and I love mine for that, so generally I am quite satisfied.